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I make enemies easily. These haters always try to put me down to someone I respect like supervisor or boss. I am quiet and simple person so they completely hate me. Today this chatty person said it to me supervisor and got away with it. Why do I collect them and I’ve done nothing to them. I have had abusers do more to me

6 Replies

Sooooooooooo wrong

Soooo unfair. Truly sorry

Wish I could talk to u rboss

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Glad u posted this. Helps us watch for this injustice

So glad u shared truly an

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Too many people out there that tear others down. They don't deserve your friendship whatsoever. Just keep being you.

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Oh yes I've been the hated one everywhere, everyday bullied for 50 years. I know more than anybody that feeling of helping someone only to be way hated in return!!! Pointed at, always laughed at, told I'm stupid by shouting it by some jerk in a class I took. Can't even get ahead in life well never have cause of going thru similar crap everyday due to extreme anxiety panic attacks. Been agoraphobic 11 years too. I just hide in apt and stare at TV depressed. I'm so sorry you've dealt with haters too.

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That happens to me a lot. I guess some people can pick us up from the crowd easily. I am a quiet person, but trying to stop the “people pleasing” actions. I’m not saying that the behaviour of certain parasitic people is your fault, no, no, no, but you can definitely stop them ✋ by saying that you do not tolerate that kind of behaviour. You don’t have to say no more - just don’t smile and say “I won’t tolerate that behaviour” and then step away.

It doesn't matter if you leave the conversation after you say this, if you tremble, whatever. Just keep your mouth shut after saying it and leave.

Try it please. People will suddenly become respectful. Believe me. Been there, done that. It works.

Don’t forget that if the person wants more clarification that’s their problem. You are not obliged to answer. Free yourself!

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