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I feel sentimental leaving home and worried about sis and mom and bunny, missing htem,worrying If they od sth stupid. But here im overwhelmed. Plus dad and grandparents want me ot accept the job. Traveling wednesday, hoping add finds the tikets for sis.

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feeling caring peopoe always have feeling s yet have to make tough togh has to x but leaves behind importan t people ...taks thranyone time to adjust to ...takes one to relate...but doubt u d judge if i had to move or chnage jobs and....think i or we all dont have feelings for just dont talk about them....but attachments are - u me its respectful and tho u move on....doesn mean a persondoesnt have heart pains...or adjstment is tough choices as u know....tough 5tho....least u care

feel foru...not patonize...honesly everyone v caring and trhe do...and areullngforu..ilackthewords..hope u ....guess u know that ur so bright.....rteehy are sad u o anyhonehastogothrough such hard times anstress.

Yeah. Thank you. I'm so scared


I think Brig57 makes an excellent point about how it takes time to adjust and about how you care about your family.

You mention how much your dad and grandmother want you to take the job. The important question is whether YOU want the job. I believe that your experiences give you the compassion to help other people and (again, as Brig 57 points out) you care, so you’ll be able to connect with people. Taking the job will probably give you more confidence as you discover how capable you really are.

That’s what I think.


Thank you. I'm just so scared

Of course you are! That’s natural and understandable. You are trying to change your life and your self and that is scary. But you are doing what you need to do to make those changes and that is as brave as can be.

Thank you. I needed to hear this

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