Just a thought ?

I wonder if any of us mere mortals here ever really find a solution to our ailments or if indeed we just kid ourselves and cling on to hope with no hope ?

The mind will make a hell of a heaven and a heaven of a hell, I guess we choose our mental destiny with our own thought strategy in one way or another .

I sure beleave I do unfortunately.

What about you ,what do you think ?

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  • I think it really depends on your condition. To a certain degree we control our lives but for some it's a small percentage that we control bc of our mental illnesses. We don't have the kind of control normal people have. Yet it's best to think of ourselves as survivors instead of victims to move forward.

  • Couldn't agree more

  • Me too.

  • Without hope is there anything else?

  • I think that often people look for a 100% solution and won't accept a more partial one. I have not got my 100% but have got around 70% and I have learned to be content with that. It does mean my life is usually bearable and sometimes even quite good.

    I am not sure a complete recovery is possible and life is always a compromise isn't it?

  • Well I have schizophrenia so I don't always get to choose how I feel. But I'm trying to be as positive as possible.

  • Kelli333

    And I think you are doing a pretty good job of it Kelli.

    My younger brother also has schizophrenia and I've been through it with him for 30 years and I could only wish he were as positive as you Kelli.

    Your doing real good from what can make of it and I'm proud.

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