What can I do, I'm scared to go to the Doctors?

I'd rather keep my reasons private but whenever I think of going to the gp I start shaking and although I've never been diagnosed with depression im crying nearly every day and getting up for work is increasingly difficult. Im cutting and I can't stop. Please help me I need help, but I can't find a reason to go to the doctors I talk myself out of it.

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Please, you sound in a very bad way, you need to go to the doctors. Can you not get someone to go with you for support?



Thats kinda the problem, atm i'm very isolated.


Hi sorry to hear about your anxious feelings and going to the Drs...

Sometimes it's difficult because we don't know the bigger picture I would urge you to go to the Drs to get some help. I believe in the end we can always find an answer to most problems..

It's merely a suggestion and I don't know the set up at your surgery but is it possible you could call the surgery and explain to the receptionist you are nervous about coming to the Drs and ask if there is anything available to assist you. Or maybe she could arrange a telephone conversation between you and the Dr...just trying to think of ways it could be made a little easier for you.

This site is very good and others may have different suggestions, it's important you get the ball rolling to get some help to make you feel better.

Thinking of you and hope this helps

Sue xx


I want to thank you for replying, i'm not very good with phone conversations and everytime I go to the doctors I shake alot, but what does the doctor normally do in these situations.



I note from suggestions below you have started writing things down, that is fab! If its easier for you to get a note/ letter to the surgery with your details on that has to be a good start, whatever feels easier for you..if you can print off this blog you could think of including it...what I say are merely suggestions, and others here have suggested some good things too...

Not sure what the Dr would do then, although I am sure someone would make contact with you to try and help...and that right now is important

Let us know how you get on and keep coming on here to blog and ask questions until you get it sorted out.

Best wishes to you

Sue x


Hi I agree totally with the above. I know its not easy to make yourself go to the doctors but at the end of the day you must make contact. Try and pick a doctor you think would be sympathetic. I find women doctors are often better at dealing with mental health problems. If it would be easier you could print out your post and take it with you.

Bev x


Okay I have a doctor in mind, I have started writing some things down


I agree with Sue and Bev. I always see a woman doctor. Have you thought about writing a letter to your doctor? You could detail how you are feeling, and explain that you'll be making an appointment to discuss it further. It's a way of avoiding that horribly awkward moment when the doctor asks you how she can help, and you get tongue tied.

I'm not sure if this would be relevant to you, but if you have children, you might have a Health Visitor. It was to her I confided initially, and she spoke to the doctor on my behalf. Made things a lot easier.

Sometimes talking to a nurse is a lot easier. Are you due a smear or anything? The Nurse at my surgery is fab and can pass concerns etc on to the GP.

The other thing you can do is send someone to the appointment on your behalf. You'd have to give written permission to take to the doctor. That way your representative can tell the doctor about your anxieties. They won't be able to treat you via a third person, but it's way of getting the ball rolling.

Hope you're ok, remember that we are always here to listen xx


have you thought of calling a help-line such as MIND ? or saneline

they are there to listen and could be a step towards talking to someone.

please keep in touch.




Thank you but I can't stop finding reasons to stop myself


I'm trying to remember what happened about 10 years ago when like you I was absolutely terrified of going to the doctor and would get very shaky as the appointment approached. Generally I had a friend who would go with me (mainly because I trusted her to tell me when I was overreacting and also it meant I had someone there to take things in when I wasn't really taking much in). Occasionally there were times when I needed to go on my own because my friend couldn't make it. It was awful but I know I made it.

The suggestion of trying to find out if you could arrange for the doctor to ring you would be worth pursuing if that is less terrifying.

Ringing receptionists can sometimes be quite daunting as well as it sometimes feel as if their job is to keep the patients away from doctors :) I think I used to start out by explaining that I was feeling very stressed and found it difficult to concentrate so I really needed them to be patient with me. It may well have been the case that I sometimes got so stressed that I just had to say sorry and that I couldn't deal with it at that point and would ring back later.

Please don't use that as an excuse for putting off ringing back.

Do you have a mascot or a lucky charm or anything that you could take with you that would help you feel a little safer.

I've always found taking the paper with so I can look at the puzzles in the waiting room helpful as it gives my mind something to do in the waiting room to take my mind off the anxiety ... I usually take a cup of tea with me as well (in a travel mug).

The most important thing though is to make the appointment - that's the first task. Try for something over the phone first. Getting to the doctors if/when you make an appointment for a face to face meeting is a different problem and one that you don't have to solve before you make the first contact.

Thinking of you


I am sorry you are going through this. I think writing the main points down and sending it to the Doctor would break the ice. I agree it can be hard if you don't know the Doctor, and they sit you down and say " How can I help you" . Its easy to get flustered, whereas if the Doctor knows you are anxious, he or she will ask you questions to tease out what the problem is. Doctors are used to patients being nervous and tongue tied, and if they are any good, it will all happen.

Maybe rehearse a few sentences to start you off, and know that it is really important that you do see a Doctor. You will feel stronger too for having done that. It can be a really positive step for your self care.



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