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Does Anyone thinks we are going to go into lockdown again

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I really don't want to go into lockdown again as last time it was hard and having online lessons was really hard.

What does others think lets have a chat 🙂👍

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it`s doubtful but England might get more restrictions come next week but not lockdown.

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yes thats true do you think schools and colleges will stay open i hope so they need to x

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kenster1 in reply to Edsheeran1

yeah think they already said they will open after Christmas.

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Edsheeran1 in reply to kenster1

oh thats amazing and are we aloud to have health people in our house

It seems now they are giving another giant push to get more people vaccinated. I think the many restrictions we will start to see will be focused on people not fully vaccinated. Also I did hear “fully vaccinated” definition may soon change to those having the initial vaccine plus the booster (if you are due for one). So those not vaccinated may not be able to attend class or be required to get covid testing. Thats my take on it anyway.

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Edsheeran1 in reply to AuntBee

Ok that's good and let's hope they will get more people vaccinated as we all need to keep safe and yes we will see x

It all looks good for the restorations and it's good that schools are not closeing as we need them to stay open. Happy Christmas everyone lots of love x

Sad to say it seems like it is all down to the Christmas/New Year if people keep themselves separate, possibly staying home over Christmas, or staying in the general bubble they the talk about.

To much mixing will bring on illness. when attending dances etc. Possible Sports on Boxing Day.

We finished our shopping for Christmas and New Year, so now we are isolating even though we have had our boosters one/two months ago

To all of you have a very merry Christmas and a prosperous Healthy New Year


To be honest I have had all my jabs so don't intend to put my life on hold any longer. If the government can break any rules they make then they mean very little anyway.

Yes same here and is schools staying open. And are we aloud health professionals in our house x


Glad you have had all your jabs, will all be having another one starting in the New Year. We had the booster near on six weeks ago, I was suprised that many boosters where just a further injection, this one a different manufacturer of the original type we had in the first place

Have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous, Healthy New Year, from


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