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Sertraline and a 17 years old

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I have been a member of this forum since 2016 and it was a life saver for me, I am now back on because my 17 year old has just started on 25mg of Sertraline, he is autistic, has ARFID, Social Anxiety, OCD , his eating disorder is such that he finds it hard to eat at the best of times, but he has lost his appetite completely now after 4 days it seems to be worsening, I guess I am keen to know if this will ease in time and how long do you think it will be I have never been on this medication myself

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Hi Jackie, I started taking sertraline but I’m afraid it make me quite sick. I was changed to another which is ok. I have friends who are on sertraline and they are fine. It takes a while for antidepressants to get into your system. I’m sorry I can’t help you. Best wishes to your daughter.

Sorry, your son. I’ve just reread your post.

Hello Jackie I was the same when I started taking these .it takes a while for them to work but I stuck with it and boy the result was amazing .I suffered with anxiety and was put on 10 ml .side effects are harsh for about 6 weeks but we'll worth sticking with them hope this helps Shirley x

Hello Jackie

Seventeen is an early age and your Doctor would have explained the reasons for the drug. Has your GP discussed any other Therapies for your Son

How did He manage his education. He has a long list of unrelated conditions, Did they send Him to a special school


Hi Jackie220166 - 45-year-old man here. I was prescribed Sertraline in July after a depression diagnosis. As other have said, Sertraline took about 8 weeks to fully “settled down” for me, but it’s been worth it. (I didn’t realise how much social anxiety I had until the Sertraline eased it too). I am able to rationalise my anxiety and depression much more easily now with very limited side effects. I will say that the hardest side-effect for me was the insomnia - For the first 3 months, I’d wake up at about 2am with a kind of “buzzy” almost “trippy” feeling - not distressing but strange… I found leaving a side light on when sleeping helped me “get myself back in the room” if and when I woke up. All the best to you and your family.

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