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Bipolar rage..

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I have bipolar, today the rage got me...4th time having to isolate, the dog ate some medication (she's fine) the cat smashed a full cup of coffee all over the just mopped kitchen floor, my daughter then smashed 2 bowls...that was it, just sat in the car for an hour to get away from them all! All completely stupid reasons to be in a rage..the lead up to this included a friend jumping off a cliff in June, then my neighbour who was in desperate need of help, jumped off a bridge 5 days later..just spent a month caring for my uncle who died sadly last week....I am a nurse anyway so can emotionally detach if needed but maybe not in these circumstances...not sure where to turn next! Anyone have any techniques with dealing with rage, this isn't normally how I unleash...thank you x

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You seem to have been bouncing from one sadness to another and I can understand how you must be feeling. Remember problems seem to arise in threes or five and given that you been Bi-polar would not be helping your mood, fears and worries. Personally I can sometimes be like you, I either go for a walk to the stones or visit a nearby woodland to get away from the hassle.

I symphasis. Talking to myself seems to help. Especially if I manage to get myself out in the wilds. Sad to say the weather has been really bad so like you I hide away in my Library hiding in my books

However you need to be kind to yourself sometimes it always seems to help and calm us down


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Viv35 in reply to borderriever

Thank you Bob, I don't know why today it got to me. You are completely right in getting out in nature, I am so lucky I live in Cornwall UK so plenty of places to go, the weather however is not motivating..something to be worked on I guess. Thank you for listening to me :) x

By god, talk about the straw that broke the camels back! After all that you did extremely well by removing yourself to calm down. ( you don’t mention if you lost it in front of anyone or did some damage.) Any ‘normal’ person would have suffered some consequence from the first incident, never mind the second, third, etc. As well as being a mummy and a nurse.....AND suffering from bipolar!!.....I take my hat off too you. Absolutely nothing stupid about the smaller incidents, that’s all that was needed to snap after what you’ve been through.

I would google for techniques .....and spoil yourself with a little treat for being sooooo strong.....I hope you take timeout for yourself, as you are no 1. Without you where would your daughter and anyone else be that relies on you...take care, x

Thank you, I lost it in front of my daughter, didn't cause any damage just shouted, which I don't normally do.. Well we get our rest now as we both have covid 😬 in hindsight I think I wasn't feeling well on that day which may have increased the irritability...thank you for your reply and kindness x

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