I was diagnosed with bipolar 11 years ago. I was very fortunate to have private medical care and spent a month in a top clinic followed by 18 months off work too medicated to speak. I have the totally manic end, voices, hallucinations the lot. Unfortunately 11 years on the medicine blew me up into a person I no longer recognise. I am now trying to manage my latest episode through exercise, yoga and meditation. Following strict nutritional practice and exercise over last 8 months have dropped 3 stones. Has anyone else experience of something similar?

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  • I to am bi polar, I take 800mg of Lithium carbonate daily. I had one manic episode but after 6 months off work I managed to get into employment and continue with my life despite having a control freak and no patience husband, and bringing 3 sons up alone as my husband never bothered. Lithium does put a lid on emotions. I have been on it for over 20 years. I am interested in your post. Are you off your medication now? My youngest son has been diagnosed too, adding to my anxiety as he drinks heavily, is in a relationship which causes him more stress hence the drinking. The Psychriastrist he saw cannot treat him until he stops drinking. My thoughts on this is the system is failing. I sent him to a private Psychriastrist who gave him sertraline and depakote

    Hope you succeed in mastering these demons. Please let me know how you get on. I know Stephen Fry has bi polar and does not take prescription drugs - this is what I read about him. Regards Helen 😊

  • hi Helen, my son who is 24 got diagnosed about 3 weeks ago with exactly the same as me but to be fair I have suspected it for a number of years. I had got to the point recently where I just thought there had to be a better way. I gave up smoking about 12 months ago and long story short now employ two personal trainers out of the savings, one of them suggested trying clean, is healthy food but super hard work outs. I also do boot camp three times a week and hill camp on Sunday so i work out to max capacity seven days a week. Since July I have lost three stone and have recently given up my last crutch, alcohol. I am sleeping properly, without pills or booze. I have my panic moments but feel better than I have felt in years.

  • Good on you, you have done sooo well.😘

  • Will you have done amazing, I know exercise is good for you and diet. However as we well know not everyone can do this. Let us hope in the future more can be treated like this. Keep me posted Helen 😊😊

  • Hello Sindy

    I am at the moment being treated for depression but want to approach my GP with regards to Bipolar as I've read things online and I think I might suffer with this disorder. I know reading things online is a big mistake but I'm scared as I don't know how to approach this.

  • just visit your gp, explain your fears and they should then refer you to a professional who is qualified to make the diagnosis. As they say, the only way out is through. You will feel better for having a correct diagnosis

  • Well, there was me thinking I was doing so well when I hit a perfect storm last week. Long story short my GP sent me to A&E as they felt there was nothing she could do....upshot was that after much ranting and raving about the fact that I was imbibed (most people do self medicate people...) they ending up sectioning me and putting me in their "secure unit" for the night. The policewoman who announced (to the whole of the A&E Unit) that they were sectioning me, told me that I was clearly just seeking attention. Also, that if I resisted she would handcuff me. I pointed out to her that since I box three times a week and given I was twice her size she might want to reconsider that. You have to keep a sense of humour. Please NHS take our conditions seriously, I was hearing voices and seeing things at the time, I don't consider that attention seeking :(

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