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Here to help with your life with mental health there is hope and believe someday

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Hello I am gillyz4321 I am new to here I suffer with many mental health conditions that I never knew I had in till I was diagnosed with mental health and seeked help and answers do they exist I would like to share some of my experiences of deep down thoughts near death, self harm,how it effects you and help people who are suffering in life with there mental health conditions lifes hard it's a battle ground a war with oneself please feel free gilly1234

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Life's is hard but as I was brought up to believe life is what do you make it but when I was told that I was a child I am now an adult and understand everything you are saying stay strong them suicidal thoughts will pass and you will be back to yourself but that is when you find yourself and you will

Wellcome Gilly

You will find people here are like minded and will hell and gice support Depression and associated conditions can be made worse when the condition has multiple problems to heal.

I fined braking down each problem down separate , then braking each problem down further into small bites can be of benefit if you get stuck move onto the next bite, then eventually a problem solved, so you go onto the next problem and start again


Hellos borderriever said people here very supportive and want to help. You are very much appreciated if you want to help and support. Welcome to group. Thank you so much for putting yourself forward for support

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