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Persistent storm…please go away.

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Oh how true this is.

The storm is long

What I’m unsure of is…

Will it pass?

It has to…right?

Honestly, can’t take much more.

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Yes you have to ride the wave though which is hard but then it is calm! Moments where you unsure and then relief all over. I wish I had known earlier was going to be like this and you are very bright to know

I remember when I was taking my Youth and Community and Youth Examination, part of the Course was to lock up groups of four in A Student Room and we were fed problems on a regular basis, some problems would escalate while were dealing with several problems and concerns. It was all down to problems associated with users in a Community Centre or Youth Club.We spent about three days in that room and it was intense. We were also dealing with the actual day to day running of the centre

Life is like that problems or negative fears in the world do happen and generally the News happens and other problems always happen together

In our Lives that is just the same problems will and do show themselves and this is part of Life in general. Sad to say Life etc is a College or Univercity we are here to learn so we can move on. We all hope we will pass our Examinations. You are no different to all the population, it is no good rushing out of a room full of family when life becomes hard to handle.


Nothing is permanent, everything is in constant change. It may be gradual, it may be light speed but it does.

Whether, more things get swept along, so there’s more to hold on to. Or the storm begins to calm. It has to as it cannot scientifically sustain the energy. (Er don’t ask me any more I’m not that clever).

Even, being in the eye of the storm (metaphorically speaking) so that your perspective changes. When we take a step back from our reality.


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