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2 Decades on.

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Thoughts are today with all those who lost their lives on 9/11, their families and friends and those there during it. Remember watching it on the news in the UK and tears streamed down my face at the devastation unfolding. Not believing what was happening and watching helpless as devastation and shear panic hit NYC and other states that day.

RIP to all those who died and thoughts and love to those who survived and helped others and lots of love and respect to the service people and those who helped others.

My heart is sad today. But my hope is one day we can all live without causing hurt. As the saying goes “Love will conquer hate any day of the week”

😭 🦋 💜

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We felt it here in UK.Hope for peace and love but it is scary world Prayers

It sure is scary and a loss for so many. The world can be a horrible place sometimes.

I remembered around that time I was in North Africa and we were flying back to the Yemen, when we landed the first thing we heard was several tourists had been kidnapped and several had been murdered, We were informed we had to be repatriated on the next flight to the UK. The airport was full of muslumns dressed in White , departing to Mecca, the atmosphere in the airport was terrible and I was glad to get onto the plane.

We had to break the journey in Rome and we flew over the Volcano near Naples, we could see right down the neck of the Volcano Vesuvious. It was wonderful to land in Rome then Heathrow, the people cheered at each

This was our last travel abroad for ten years. Travel had changed, although we had seen around Sanaah it did seem something had changed in those fifteen days


Travel can be dangerous adventure shows or easy But you need to be safe!!!

Hello Foggy, that was a different time of my Live when I used to love adventure. Sad to say at seventy one and disabled, possibly going blind I still have my memories, and expectations in Life.

Ethiopia the place we flew from is also going through a rough time. At that time we visited all those sites to do with God and the Ark of the Covernment it was so interesting and unspoilt, for tourists. aalthough very poor. We hope all places are still standing


I have travelled as child to France and India. But now I have disabled son I don’t travel either. They should be helpers for disabled people or chaperone?? Extra help organised. I really really want to go to USA

Hello Foggy

We travelled extensive, we had a car accident in Spain, we went over into a revine. I also came back from Marocco with Viral Menigitis.. I spent a week in the Danube Deltar and suffered a severe case of the scits, spent time in a cut out wood canoe it was really nasty. I miss the adventure though and now I do not feel I will be going back travelling

It has also jiggered my immune system and I feel the meningitis is part of my short term memory disorder

Been to some remarkable places, most have had wars since my return

You will Hopefully visit those places you wish to see and do.


I’ve been to NY and had the time of my life. Always had a love for the states. More help for sure should be given to those who are disabled and need that extra help. Even to this day there are stations where there are no lifts and only stair accessible or not step free so very limited to stations with wheelchair access.

Watching the news tonight and the national anthem being sung in the US and in the UK it was played still gets me and know it always will. Seeing and hearing the words of survivors and of those who didn’t make it and those talking of family/friends just like it did when it was happening still to this day upsets me.

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Foggy123 in reply to I_Hate_Me_2

It is event etched in everyone’s brain and we will never forget!!!

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