Anticipation is worse

Well Ive just finished day 1 of my weekend away. I was quite worried as those who read my earlier blog will know. Thanks to everyone for their kind replies. All the travel plans went well and hotel is nice. The festival has been fun. What I did find useful is having a back out plan just in case. do others do that? My therapist suggested it.

Ive come to the conclusion the anticipation is often so much worse than the event itself. I guess Im always thinking of what could go wrong, or maybe just not knowing and the uncertainty is the problem.

Oh well, heres hoping day 2 goes as well. Fingers crossed.

Hope you all have a good weekend. Sue xx


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15 Replies

  • Hiya

    Yes I always have a blackout plan, it's a great help. Glad it's going well for you. Well done...and it's so true the anticipation is always far worse for us than the event itself..

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Sue x

  • My blackout plan is a bottle of rose!

  • Haha x

  • *backout

    Haha blummin auto correct catches me every time :)


  • Thanks Sue. There are times when Ive resorted to the merlot blackout plan (ha ha). Well sun is shining here and have hotel cooked breakfast to look forward to before we head off. Fingers crossed for another day of fun. You have a good Saturday. Sue xx

  • Yay! Glad it's going well! And the sun is shining for day two! :)

  • Hi Suzie. Yeh looking good. Im real charity shop fanatic and theres a new one opened up just a stones throw from the hotel (must have known I was coming ha ha). So assuming I get out of there sometime before the festival ends Im looking forward to another day of it. You enjoy your Saturday. Sue xx

  • Glad it's going well!

  • Thanks Teajay. If the technology keeps working Ill blog with progress over the weekend. Enjoy your weekend. Sue xx

  • Knew you could do it. It's the anticipation that's scary but small steps and now you are having a great weekend. Brilliant.... pat on the back for you. Keep on enjoying yourself. xx

  • Thanks Jeffju. Day 3 and still going strong. Sue xx

  • thanks for sharing, my back out plans are usually not going the first place; it's inspiring to read your blog.

    I must start to look at designing my back out plan, I get married later this year and dearly want to have a weekend away.

    Have a great time


  • Thanks Sue. Just knowing the back out is there is usually enough for me to give something a go. I hope you get your weekend away. Sue xx

  • HI Sue, thats great that you are chilling out and enjoying it. Its a great boost when things go well, and you remind me to have my little backup plans too. Ok enjoy the music and be proud of how well you are,

    Hannah x

  • Thanks Hannah. The change of scene, the music and allowing myself to relax has really helped. Take care. Sue xx