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What can I do to get my days and nights straightened out, so I can sleep thru the nite and have energy to do things during the day?

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Consider trying to change your medications to different times a day. I take AD drugs about one hour before bedtime, this will help you sleep and also more awake in the morning. Taking drugs during the morning may make you feel more tired during the day. You may find taking this medication after you evening meal wash it down with your cup of tea or similar.


Hi it is hard to sleep at night when you have anxiety and it's also hard to seat down when you are worrying I have anxiety and I find it hard to cope with my anxiety message me if you want to discuss.

I have the same problem and have been dealing with this issue for the last 2 - 3 years. I know it might be for different reasons for different people, but for me it is because I have not been working during this time frame….and I have been dealing with depression and anxiety. And my sleep and eating schedule is all over the place. I sleep at odd hours, all around the clock and until about the last week or so, I had been going 12- 24 hours and sometimes longer, without eating. Which has made my sleep quality even worse, as you don’t sleep good when you’re hungry. And going so long between eating has also been causing me a lot of digestion issues, as well as what I believe is acid reflux issues. And I have barely slept, over the last few weeks.

I had been doing better, but ran out of my “Papaya Enzyme” that I had been taking daily, which completely cleared up the digestion and acid reflux issues. But because my sleep schedule was so crazy from the depression I am dealing with, I didn’t replace the papaya enzyme and ended up going weeks without it. I am happy to say that I just replaced it, a little less than a week ago, but it takes time to build up in your system to get the full benefits, so I will just have to wait for that and do the best I can until it fully kicks in.

I truly believe the key to getting on a better sleep schedule is to make sure you have things that need to be done and that keep you busy during the day. However that looks for you. But as much as I hate to say this, I have not been doing that. And because I have not had a job to help keep me on a set schedule, as well as not participating in any social activities, because of self isolating, due to the pandemic, the whole situation has only lead to further inactivity for me.

And I also struggle with a lot of addictive behavior that I believe partially stems from impulse control issues, due to OCD. But also because I am not happy with my current situation and am dealing with multiple issues that are causing my unhappiness. And my coping strategies of choice seem to be internet addiction….ie I usually log between 6 - 9 hours of screen time per day….and rarely ever leave my house, because I am almost always exhausted from lack of sleep, due to my crazy sleep schedule that I don’t seem to have the motivation to change.

And though I mentally and emotionally have the desire to return to the activities and hobbies that I have always loved….I usually don’t engage in those things, because most of my time is spent trying to sleep or force myself to get up to eat and use the bathroom; as I usually feel too exhausted to even get up to do those things…..because I am barely getting any sleep. But I also have had to acknowledge to myself that I know I am having these sleep problems and addictive behaviors, because I am deeply troubled about the situations that I am dealing with.

I am currently working with a counselor, but I don’t feel like she is invested in my progress, as I have been working with her since the beginning of February and am not doing any better than I was before. So I have decided to start looking for a new counselor.

With all that being said, I think another way to help solve the crazy sleep schedule issue is to go to bed and get up at the same time every day. But I have not had the motivation to make myself do that and am not sure how I am going to navigate that. I think I can do it initially, if I really work at it, but my concern is whether I will be able to maintain it without a job. But the good news is that I am looking for a job and it will be easier for me to stick to a schedule when I have a job and am working again. So I am wondering if maybe you are not working right now either and that maybe that is possibly contributing to your problem?

I know this is a long post and I went off on some tangents, but those tangents are all related for me and it felt good to let this out to someone that I know is struggling with one of the same issues that I am. And, hopefully, my post will help you in some way. Even if it is only with the knowledge that there is someone else out there that understands what you are going through…..and who also sympathizes with you. Please feel free to private message me if you would like to talk further. You are not alone and you are understood. Peace and Blessings to you!


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