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Searching g for answers

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has anyone out there had covid and started suffering anxiety afterwards

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I have not suffered Covid, I had my first injection twelve weeks ago and I get the second one tomorrow, I know people have had side affects, Also one of our neighbours had Covid at the very beginning had an injection twelve weeks ago and had side effects through COVID and after the injection. She had Anxiety if I remember. After Covid have you had a first injection yet. I understand you will need one to build up your immune system then a further one at twelve weeks . Side effects are quite varied, I suffered a headache


I have both injections I think it was the shock of having covid and not knowing how you are going to be through it when I was isolating there were so many things I wanted to do afterwards but then the panic attacks started it was awful then came the anxiety never been like it in my life still coming to terms with it everyday is a new battle but I know I will get there in the end . WALKER LEGS

Consider you are stronger than you think especially when you managed to get through the Virus and now it would seem you are on the Home Run, you will eventually get stronger, possibly stronger than you were before this virus took a hold. It is possible when you get over the negative problems you have it will help to move on with an understanding of what you have gone through and all the possibilities of your future life as you have developed a more determined attitude to your Life


Thank you for your support it means a lot when people keep in touch had quiet a few rough days and there maybe more to come this is the affect of the medication but I know I will come out of this there is a lot of people suffering from this my heart goes out to them hope you are alright after your 💉

A lot of people have had mental health issues after recovering from COVI-19. You're not alone.

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A lot of people have all sorts of conditions after covid it really messes with your brain in ways you can't imagine. WALKER LEGS

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