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Getting a diagnosis

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Hi. I have never had a diagnosis but I believe I have depression, but I dabble with symptoms of bipolar as well. What’s the best route to get an official diagnosis?

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hi welcome aboard the best thing to do is write down everything make an appointment with your doctor and give them it and ask them to refer you to a counsellor.

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Thanks !

You can self refer to Talking Therapies. Your GP will probably suggest this so you might as well get a head start a so the waiting list can be long.

Then like Kenster said write down your symptoms. Maybe start keeping a diary of how you’re feeling. Make an appointment with your GP and take your diary. It can be hard to convey how you have been feeling in a brief 10min appointment so if you have it written down you won’t forget anything. It also shows your GP it is an ongoing problem you are having not just a recent thing.

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Thank you

Your G.P. doctor is best. They can refer you to a psychiatrist who might give you the most definite diagnosis.

Thanks !

Write a note on how you feel and the reasons why you are feeling You are suffering from Depression, write an explanation of your reasons and cause.Make a telephone appointment with your GP, explain your problems written down on your list, your Doctor may ask you to attend an eye to eye appointment. As mentioned above take a list so you can explain what is wrong.

Remember the telephone appointment may take several days before you talk to your GP



I have it and I take a pill every day and it does work.

Hope you are OK.

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lili_r230 in reply to Chase888

I’m on new anti-depressants, only just got on them after coming off them last year so will take me a while to get used to them. Thanks. Good days and mostly bad days at the moment. Hopefully will feel better when pills kick in

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Chase888 in reply to lili_r230

I hope so to. I had mirtazepine and it slowed me down. Therefore I put on weight.So I told my doctor and she changed it.

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