Has anyone else been given the diagnosis of borderline personality?

Hello everyone,

I've recently been diagnosed with borderline personality along side depression. Although my main nurse thinks I am bi polar. Has anyone here ever had a similar diagnosis and feel it is incorrect ? Has anyone else accidentally been diagnosed with bi polar but actually it is BPD? Or vis versa ? Xxx let me know thank you xxx


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6 Replies

  • I was diagnosed bi polar, possible anxiety disorder but found out years later I am actually hypothyroid. Which causes many simalar symptoms along with physical ones. Since taking thyroid meds, no depression of anything so there is hope.

  • Can't say i have,Ruby,but diagnosing mental health problems is notoriously difficult. There are no convenient physical symptoms to examine and even the labels they put on us are very broad and probably inaccurate categories. because all our life experinces are different and the human mind is so complex there are probably as many categories of mental illness as there are people.

    I was very lucky and had very good GPs for 25 years of depressive spells and only got "correctly" diagnosed about 7 years ago and that was only because I read a lot about it and realised I fitted a Bipolar 2 diagnosis. My excellent GP then referred me to a psychiatrist who confirmed a Bipolar 2 diagnosis, I think correctly ,although whether I actually am Bipolar 2 whatever that is, is anyone's guess, but it does seem to be the most accurate of the arbitrary labels.


  • I got admitted to Psych and while I was there the doctors said I probably had Borderline Personality Disorder. I think they try and force this on young people especially but they soon changed their mind when I was extremely manic and got diagnosed as Bipolar 1. Try and keep a mood diary that helps x

    Also a thing that helped me is that some of the criteria for bpd are not having a strong sense of self and finding it hard to stay in relationships. This were two things that were very contrary to me so I found that helpful. x

  • Hi Rubyx, personally I don't think labels help us. In my case I was diagnosed with m.e then 15 years later they told me I was bipolar 1. Currently I'm on no meds at all, my body couldn't take any more and now they haven't got a clue what's going on x

  • I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder behind my back over 20 years ago. I had to read up to find out what it was, and I quickly found out that I did not meet the criteria of that diagnosis. Despite me protesting and suggesting that it could be Bipolar they stuck to their guns. Over the years I have had a lot of discrimination by Gps who would turn on me when they received my medical records. They have started arguments. Earlier this year I saw a Psychristist who very quickly told me I didn't have BPD and she can't find who was the doctor who had made this diagnosis. I have suffered long term depression and anxiety.

  • Hiya. I had my first depression 5 years ago and that was simply "depression" along side anxiety disorder. About 2 years later, another doctor told me I had bipolar and then a month later, the other one told me that I had BPD. I believe I have BPD because I have most symptoms of BPD. I think it is very difficult to diagnose that a person has such as such disorder because if you have a look online, like NHS, a lot of mental disorders have pretty similar symptoms.