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Complaints regard some of my post Jan 2021

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My emails have not been working well and now I am clearing clutter. There was an email from Helathunlocked complaining about content of some of my contributions. Since then I have noticed some of my contributions have been taken down up to two days ago. Over the last nine months my memory is getting worse and not knowing the reasons for my contributions is confusing me so I am asking people who have had replies from me what they reported on. Call me on Personal Messages to let me know the reasons what I am doing wrong. I have been on Healthunlocked now for many years and I do not want to go back to past years regards errors or problems especially if I am upsetting people.

Personally regards my memory problems I may just call it a day.


11 Replies
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I have always found you to be coherent and distinct, BOB. No problem with your posts

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Hi Bob,

I have never ever found any of your posts or responses to be anything other than supportive, truthful, honest and I fail to see how anything you have said could have upset anyone. Yes sometimes we all have to be a little direct (especially when people are constantly asking whether they should take the medication that a doctor has prescribed) and perhaps people don't like that but I still cannot see it as a reason to complain to HU, they can just ignore the reply.

I had wondered why we weren't seeing any posts from you and now we know. Please don't leave HU as we all need someone like you in our lives.


Missy x

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You're not upsetting me Bob, and I'm sure that most common sense folk understand the pressures we are all going through, and make allowances when we drift off the rocky path.

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Bob I have known you a long time and never have you ever said anything which should be reported. Also HU don't get involved as it's the admins who deal with this. Is it possible you have inadvertently deleted them yourself or they haven't posted because of a glitch in the system. Can you send me a copy of the email from HU to my pm box please. Bev x

in reply to hypercat54

No, B. I am tired

in reply to hypercat54

B. I have lost the email I think, I have cleared ten thousand e-mails, I will have another look. I still have a further six thousand to get rid of.I have been wondering if to pack up this site for a while. I have cut back to one here from about six others I used too do. I will try to get onto Shaws through their moderator and see what is happening, although I feel at this time I need to worry about my Conditions including my memory and PsA. Sometimes my Mental Health can also cause me real problems and I have problems interacting with the GP because of COVID.

I hope you Yourself is keeping well life is so routine at the moment I think the world is falling back on itself.

On good thing still increasing my Library and I have a great geal of research I can try and do. If I leave this site it will be sad although I suppose just a further progression of Life and its mysteries


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BOB, very sorry to hear about this - the email doesn't sound like the sort of thing that HU support would do so wondering if it is some sort of troll activity,Is it possible that the responses were deleted because they were on posts that were deleted? - you frequently reply to people who are in a great deal of distress to support them and those are posts that can be deleted and that would result in all the replies also being deleted.

Sorry to hear about the memory - stress won't be helping. I had a moment this morning - could have sworn I put a waste bag in the bin in the middle of the week but it wasn't there when I checked this morning ... in stead it was sitting in the conservatory.

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Hello Gambit I am so very tired at this The email seemed to be from Health-unlocked it was sent around Christmas as I am having problems with my emails I only discovered it about a day ago. I have tried to contact Health-unlocked by the email and cannot get through.

I have been having problems over an extended period and my computer had been attacked possibly a family matter and they were going through my pages. They are Narcs and think nothing of causing hell. My engineers stopped the attack, although they are still trying to intercept my messages and now are stopped, although I see the attack still trying to break through, although now it may not be them, I do not know. Needless to say I would have thought because of traffic here THE Office here would have come on here and messaged me because of a misunderstanding. It is in both the charities interest and Health-unlocked.

I have calmed down with my replies since early days here and I am very careful how I respond to bloggers etc. I just want to help, If I feel this is not the case I feel I will be gone with a bad taste in my mouth, I am really getting to old and my health Brain is a great deal slower it all becomes counterproductive and very sad. Sorry to go on. I hope you are well and keeping a hold


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Gambit62 in reply to

still alive though at the end of what I can take with lockdown etc.Take care of yourself and at the end of the day you can only do what you can do.

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oh no Bob I`ve never noticed a reply of concern in the years you have been here not once.can you ask for a transcript of the comments that have been deemed offensive.just saw your other post and I really hope you don`t leave that would be a shame to you us and everyone on the forum.

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I love your replies they are thorough and you are present and I would miss your voice of reason and perspective a lot. You are going to make it through any cognitive issues like memory and such with support and we need yours back. I appreciate your concern this way to root out any problem somebody had. 💝

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