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Hi All,

My mum died a few weeks ago- funeral last week. Funnily enough didn't have a suicidal thought. But it has returned - mainly linked with work I feel - thoroughly depressed with it- getting me down - seems so utterly pointless and my own perception of events what I do has got worse.

Feelingly particularly down this evening- long nights.

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Throwing my arms around you at this difficult time. I am sure that time is a great healer. Please remember that it's okay to say you are not okay and to ask for some extra help from family or friends and your mental health team. All the best

Sorry to hear of your loss, I send you big hugs. 💖. Its only natural to feel the way your feeling. Your still grieving and your mental health has come to the forefront. Speak to family, close friends, anyone you feel comfortable with. But make sure you take good care of yourself. 😘

This is something for when you are ready. But when someone first dies. It fills up your whole world. It's an important process to grieve. Don't try and pretend that's not happening . Everybody freud's. But when you are ready. Remember every good moment with that person and try to turn all anst, into good memory's. When my little sister died. When I was ready. I went to council king. So we talked about good memory's before I was racked with guilt about not being a strong enough sister to save her. But now when I think of her it hurts but at the same time I have all the good memory's and as time goes on my sister is this small egg in the middle of thing and now the whole world goes on around her. I let ther go and kept all the good bitsS


Life is a journey. I get it. But emotions states of life change. Your life is precious. I am not negating you grief and pain but try to appreciate what to you have and perhaps find a way to reach out to others struggling. We are born alone and die alone but while here we share earth with many others and it is a hard road for all... some more some less. But I think helping another is the meaning and purpose of life. And loving yourself. No matter what. No shame no guilt. The past is gone. Good luck hang on!

I was reaching out. 🍇

You good? Have you ever tried chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo? It is a form of Buddhism. There is a community of Buddhists all over the world (SGI) including many in the UK. There is a deep philosophy behind it but just chanting the words elevates your life condition. I see you have health issues. So do I but my doctors are impressed.If you want to attend a zoom meeting in the UK (because this damn pandemic) let me know. I have friends over there I'll find one. I'm in NY. Take care!

You are who you are. Feel it but never miss an opportunity to laugh. Even if it's brief and gone. It's worth it. 😱

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