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Hey guys I’m new here


Hi :) I’m new to this group and I just wanted to introduce myself. The only person that I have to support me is my fiancé, I don’t have any friends of my own. I’ve learned that It can be extremely hard to deal with life when you struggle with mental health, especially during a pandemic. The only thing that keeps me going is when I envision a better future for me and my fiancé. Right now I’m probably at my lowest and I’m seeking help from my local doctor and also wanted to give this support group thing a try because I feel lonely a lot of the time. I would be happy to make friends and chat with any of you. Thank you so much

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Feel free to post all your problems, worries and concerns around mental health. Good support group here and keep posting you will eventually get replies

Hello Pumpkinnn

Welcome to the site we are here to give support and understanding. If you need to talk we are here to help


Hi! Welcome to the site. It’s a good place to vent, get advice, and meet people with similar struggles. I like your username. 🙂

We're all glad to have you in our community. I wish that I had the courage to initially reach out for peer support when I really needed it. By reaching out and introducing yourself, I have faith in your recovery and improvement already. Good luck, stay safe and always feel free to ask for help, seek advice and find support. Wishing you the best of luck 💌

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