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How should I go about getting diagnosed?


I've always struggled with my mental health in one way or another, experiencing long term bouts of sadness or just a general feeling of nervousness constantly. I'm obviously not self diagnosing myself with anything but I just know these feelings aren't entirely normal. I'd just love to have a formal diagnosis so I know how to explain these feelings and learn to cope with them better. Whenever I look up coping mechanisms for what I feel like I have I always feel like a fraud and never want to ask for support from friends and family due to that same feeling. I'm more just confused how to go about it right now with covid, my gp is mainly just doing phone consultations and the last time I phoned for my anemia it was hard enough to properly convey those physical symptoms let alone try and explain what's going on in my head.

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Hi Chumba, if you're willing to be open and honest with your GP, maybe they can help you or they can recommend a psychiatrist. You are not alone, and I wish you can ask for help for yourself. You're worth it.

Chumba in reply to AliceAnne

Thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement, maybe this is the final push I needed.

AliceAnne in reply to Chumba

You're very welcome.

Hi Chumba. I know it can be really hard but there's no shame in talking about your mental health to your GP. Believe me they've been there many times before. I know the telephone appointments are more difficult and seem more impersonal, but I think you must find the courage to talk about what's going on for you. Afterwards I'm sure you'll feel glad that you did and better for it. Nothing worse than keeping what's on your mind to yourself. You need help and support that you deserve. I've just changed surgeries and have had to go through how I'm feeling all over again but I'm glad I did. In my case the doctor has referred me to the MH team where I will hopefully get the right treatment and a more formal diagnosis. As I say there's no shame in talking about your mental health and I hope you can find the courage to make another appointment specifically for this. You are not alone in this group. People will support you.

Chumba in reply to formidible

Thank you so much for this advice and reassuring words. I just need to push myself and get it dealt with, the sooner the better.


Make an appointment with your Doctor, write a list of your problems and associated depression and Anxiety. I know the situation in the NHS is really bad, I have been having many of the same problems, although some of my basic B12 injections and flu jabs have been performed. Our Doctors Surgery seems like a place full of boundaries patient need to jump through hoops to get a GP appointment. I am a Diabetic as is my Wife and we are unable to arrange any appointments and tests for that.

I also understand the situation regards mental health appointments is running into a crisis because of Covid. I am getting my medications, although no appointments. Even dental checkups are as rare as hens teeth I need a three months review and it has been over six months since I had my last appointment. I have an appointment for four weeks time if we are not in lock down

Your Doctor may give you a telephone appointment, have your list ready so you can explain your needs


Chumba in reply to borderriever

I think the current situation is what’s making me feel worse, I’d usually cope by going out and keeping busy but it’s so much harder to do that with the restrictions in place right now. I hope you’re keeping well despite the current climate. I understand the need to be cautious but I think healthcare needs could have been handled much better, everyone’s wearing masks when possible and sanitising everything. Thank you for the tip about writing a list! That’s such good advice.


I wish you luck with your appointment, one good thing today I received my Dentists Scrip and He has increased my tubes of special toothpaste so I wonder what is going on in His mind. I will keep my fingers crossed and teeth brushed

We are going into lock down again end of this week I think there seems to be more going on here than meets the eye. Everything seems so unsettling so you are not alone. One good thing an order of books and some CDs arrived from the USA, it took only a weeks, I was very surprised so I can get on with what interests me

Keep a hold, Try to relax


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