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Sitting in ER anxious


Just had a CT scan with contrast. Anxious the whole time and still. I was able to hold still the whole time by tensing a little to stop the shaking from nervous energy. When it was done my leg was shaking like I've never seen. It was like it wasn't part of me. Anyone experience this? Why just one leg?

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What did you have the scan for. ?

The scans are painless although sometimes you may feel a little claustrophobic Over the years I have had quite a few for different parts of My Body. You get used to them.

Have you had your results yet, why were you in ER ??


Doctor told me to go get checked out. Sudden bursts of pain on my left side of head every 30 minutes or so. CT scan looked normal.

I am glad the scan worked out well for you, I have problems with my spine and neck and that prevents me lifting and bending.

We just purchased a cloth chiller has wheels and I use that now when shopping. It keeps things like foods and Dairy Products cool and in turn we are able to not need to carry heavy shopping. The frame attached to the wheels allows another bag to be placed on top, just a suggestion


That's normal under the circumstances, you were tensing and nervous as well.

After carrying heavy shopping for a time when I put the bags down my arms shake, same thing,tensing the muscles and then releasing. :-). added to that you were in a stressful situation. If you re in that or a similar situation again try not to tense to stop the shaking, go with it and concentrate on your breathing. Xx

I purposely tensed to stop the shaking. They told me I had to hold still and try not to move at all for the scan.

I had this happen when I had to go to the ER for an overdose. I could barely put on my shoes because my legs were so shaky

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