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I’ve had suicidal thoughts since i was 10 years old , im 24 now , I’ve noticed they come when i feel as though I’ve disappointed the people around me , not feeling like im enough or that I’ve annoyed them , it hurts because it’s always in regards to how other people feel about me i hate the thought of giving anyone that much power

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Hello Pleased to meet you sorry to hear what your going through.

I know as having mental health that speaking and talking here and other websites forums helps.

One solution if it is coming a problem effecting you life then you need to address these feelings emotions.

I have enrolled in mental health charities as with any organisations have a number of ways to help you and think positive deal with emotions feelings.

I enclose these if you live in the UK.

I do think seeking answers reasons why feel like this can often beneficial to your wellbeing.

By accessing support and it does not have to include therapy and talking but using methods strategies.

Coping methods and ways forward to think positive.

Can offer floating support, advice, information to consider moving forward.

Although how difficult that may be, I know this myself.

Please if I can help further anything can help with please get in touch.

Please need to chat please do. Anytime.

Please if I can stress if you need to be looking at getting help and support to be coping where ever you live.

Many reasons one is finding the answers to be happy with in yourself. The views opinions of others maybe important but so you are.

Please take care

Thank you so much, unfortunately i do not live in the UK but i will still look at the links you sent thank you, and yes I’ve been making an effort to address my mental health by talking about it to people closest to me and doing research

Hello thank you for reply. Sorry you do not live in the UK.

I would please if I can suggest sit down with a note pad and paper pen and think what do I need form a service to help me.

Understand you can not do this on your own there is a time when you need to evaluate your life.

Look at local services in your country, think what I can do to improve make some changes.

Diet nutrition is a good start if you drinking alcohol and the consumption of caffeine need to look at those.

Medications can be useful need to add combination with healthy wellbeing and lifestyle.

Does not have to be hard.

Life is not about others or what every one thinks of you it is how you make some thing of your skills, abilities and some times changes can be so fruitful and enjoyable.

This is where charities which have I mentioned do, look at what you can be successful and succeed at does not have to be about money or making a way up the greasy pole.

It is finding the right way forward we all make mistakes think of Governments around the world those whom supposed to care for us make sure we have an equal society.

My story is basically have had same as you a lot of mental health and used the charities mentioned to instil my self in a lot of positivity and focus on the good things in life.

Please take care

You’re absolutely right, thank you so much

Try not being to sensitive, the only person you will disappoint is yourself, generally going through life that way will just put negative thoughts in your own head you will become a slave to any negative thoughts you may develop.

You are old enough now to make your own decisions, we learn from those and we sad to say will make our own errors that is part of learning and will help us pass on through our life without worry.

You mention Suicidal feelings that you have had since a child ? If that is the case what had made you feel this way, was it something in child hood that made you feel this way. ?

Consider talking to your Doctor, it may be you will need to phone the surgery and they will arrange a telephone call with you, make a list of your concerns and explain your negative thoughts. There are pathways your Doctor can arrange to help you

If you are so bad you are frightened call NHS Information on Tel 111 and explain your worries and fears. If needed they will arrange you to pass down the road so you meet people who can and will help.

Keep safe, be well


My suicidal thoughts in my younger years came from the thought of people around me being upset with me , i got a lot of verbal bullying as a child and it broke my confidence, no one exactly taught me confidence and i was often teased about my weight and sexuality

Eventually i stopped seeing a reason to live because everyone kept pointing out my flaws ,flaws that no one else seemed to have but me so I didn’t see a reason to live

You do not need to apologize in Life You are who you are, as long as you are not doing anything wrong, we all need to learn write or wrong and follow the dreams laid out for you. I went through a really bad childhood and it was not for my Step Parents I would have been unable to carry on through my early days.

My family like yours and when at school and work I had people around me who would always good critics of my Life this went on until quite late on in life and now nearly seventy I have made that break, however that has proved to be to late in my Life Siblings still feel the need to control they need to understand the damage they did. As do the people who tried to walk over me from those many decades ago. I was retired at thirty eight and never worked for money since then. It is imperative you do not allow this to happen to you. Live your life with confidence and walk away from people who will cause you harm, You need to understand, this time is your time, live your Life accordingly.

Remember people who bully you have their own fears and failed expectations, most are cowards, so treat them as such, walk away and never look back because if you do they will try and put you down, remember never allow people like that the chance to lie and cheat because it is very hard to walk away without attacking that person. Sometimes walking away will damage them more than you

Enjoy your life there is no reason why you need to give yourself a bad time, We make errors, that is part of learning and living, be slightly selective when you say sorry. It is a brave person who can admit they are wrong, at that right time only. Never allow your self to make a false sorry or the situation will just weaken your own position in Life

If something is not working for you, move on do not wait to make any changes you need to be able to walk away and never look back


You’re very wise bob , i really appreciate your words of wisdom i know that self growth is a process and im seeking some liberation , the advice you’ve given is absolutely true

Remember how can you respect other people if you cannot respect yourself.

If you need to chat, normally around


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