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Almost there don’t need to hold on any more


Hi all

As some of you know from reading my post it’s been a little more than dramatic with what’s been going on.

But with great help and support from my few close friends and the support and positive help from all on here I’m now through the worst of the bumpy patch.

I stood firm stood my ground with my wife nicely of course and got what I wished for and now I don’t feel as though I’ve done ten rounds in a boxing ring.

Yup still feel totally emotionally drained but who wouldn’t given the circumstances.

I’ve beaten the storm not having to hold on any more for the fear of losing reality I can now again fly with the wind and continue on my exciting journey on my own in repairing what I have lost in my self.

It’s pretty short tonight as I’m still pretty tired and need sleep

All the best every one guys and wishin you positive vibes

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Proud of you for standing up for yourself

Thanks dude

Much appreciated.

With having adhd one tends to trust ppl a lot in that there nice and wouldn’t harm any one.most of the ppl with adhd can’t actually lie they only tell the truth.

So you kinda tend to get trodden on or its takes a few days for the understanding of some one playing games with you and by then its all to late as you’ve taken them at there word in the first instance.

But standing up for your self is extremely beneficial for ones inward growth and confidence and own self inner belief

That's interesting, I haven't heard about that being a trait in ADHD before. I know it's often a trait in ASC.

I know I did that, but I learnt very quickly that that just got me hurt. So now I have issues with trusting people lol.

Wishing u well in ur new life journey.

Thanks hippo

Thanks for your encouragement

I will say that I absolutely feel as free as a bird.shame I can’t hit space though,don’t want to burn my feathers on the landing lol.

That will just have to be for another time.

Ok I’ve had an awful out of body experience last week but I knew deep down I would be ok out the other end.i guess I’ve trained not my brain but my heart to know it will be ok.i was offered tranquilisers but I kinda said to the doc I would like to know when I’m out the other end which made sense to him lol.

So the adventure I guess started exactly two months ago to the day and I think having one almighty mind bending blow out in 2 months ain’t all that much to complain about in the grand scheme of things.

I think ur doing pretty freakin good,especially add in a pandemic n stay at home orders. can throw us all a big bag of poop at times.Sometimes mega bags of it.Its what ya do with it..n how u help urself n keep ur head above the water.

There is no book on lifes poop,so we have to do our best to get through it.

Sounds like ur on the right track .

Remember your number one n u have to take care of you first.

Best to u.

Cheers hippo thanks ever so much for the kind words of encouragement.youve just put a huge overwhelming grin on my face 🥰😎😎

Sometimes we all just need a cheerleader in our corner to get us through the tough times.Im having a tough day today but its gotten better talking with others.

You got this my friend😁

Cool I’m glad to hear you feeling better.its good to have a different perspective from other.

I’ve just found the perfect emoji for how my brain felt last week


Whats the emoji

Looks like a brain exploding to me I could be wrong but hey it’s close enough don’t you think lol

Brains exploding..good if u put it in ur other reply the emoji doesnt show.

Did it come in above your reply though as didn’t add emoji to last reply lol


My one phone shows exploding head emoji,my other phone shows nothing.So weird,but either way cool emoji😀Thats how i was feeling this am,lol

Yer you said you were having a bumpy day.

How was it and have the bumps levelled out now ?

Bumps r mere pebbles now as i didnt let the crap that was getting dished my way today,affect my whole day.Its was todays bump in the road I tarred,flattened n moved on from.

Nice one dude.

You make me sound like an amateur lol a chick.

I knew really dude lol man lol

Oh go on then

Are you a chick or chicklette lol

Hey go you 🐤 lol

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