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Feeling exhausted


I know I'm not the only one but just venting...I am worn out. Care for my elderly parent. Little time for me. Everyday is the same routine. Feel so exhausted. Noone else can care for her and I'm not putting her in a home, especially in these times. How do I gain strength from this. What can I do?

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You could have carer come in for a couple of hours, ask social services - it will be worth having the help

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Thanks. I will organise that soon.

Talk to your Doctor, and explain how your Mother is and the problems you have with looking after her. However if you know your Mothers Doctor talk to that practice. They will assess and arrange for someone to come along and help. Sometimes Pensioners can attend Day Centre talk to Age Concern and see if there are any sites around where she lives.

You need support so an Assessment by Social Services may be an idea.


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Thanks. I will do that when these restrictions of lockdown ease.

My partner had a stroke approx 2 years ago I tried to keep working part-time and be his full carer,I was trying to be all things to all people and be the BEST at everything, this didn't work.

I ended up a mess and to some extent I still am,some days I just want to WALK AWAY and not come back to anything.

I felt like that much of a failure and WHY couldn't I fix everything ,eg; the central heating system, the computer breaking down,the electrics failing .

Why did that Renault plough into the garden fence and DESTROY the garden that my other half had lovingly built on his own, why did someone knock down part of the front wall?

Why could I not have back the man I fell in love with back?

With all this taken into account I still have Bad days and I am sure will continue to, but I will also have GOOD days just try your best to BELIEVE in yourself and you can do it.

Keep sharing on here even just writing something down can sometimes help.

I hope this helps

Thanks. Its not easy for sure. Thank you for your story and wise words for me.

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