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Is there any help for anxiety/stress induced anger?



For a while I've been struggling with my mental health.

I was bullied as a kid and partly as an adult. I never lashed out or stood up for myself. So I spent 20 years or so learning to suppress and bottle it all up.

I've had several 'episodes' where I've self harmed, cut my hair off, broken objects, caused a lot of damage to things around me and even myself. But never anyone else.

These 'episodes' are completely random. I can go from a day between them to a month.

I need advice/guidance. Even something to help cope till I receive professional help.

I'm currently on a 250 people strong waiting list and have been for over a month. I find it hard to talk to people and since a big move, I don't have any peers or a support group to help.

Any advice would be helpful.

Thank you.


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fitness in any shape or form will help with your issues or even any form of activity I tend to go long walks or even just out for fresh air to change my thoughts.i recently got a dartboard and believe it or not it does soon as you start to feel uneasy angry or whatever just take a step back and avoid the situation.

Thank you.

I've been occupied with many other stressed recently so I haven't given myself any me time.

Walking the dog is ok but I need something more.

I'll take the dart board idea on. I like that.

Thank you for your help.

yeah I loved darts hadn't played in years got one from santa I take myself in the room and practice and rather than my head be filled with stress I focus on the darts and it helps me.

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It seems you have a lot of frustration built up inside you that somehow need to find its way out. I suggest boxing first to let it all out followed by swimming or yoga to gradually heal your wounds.

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