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How does setraline make you feel?


Is it possible to stop caring about anyone and anything when taking setraline? Can it make you numb to feeling emotions for your partner or kids?

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Some people report the numbing of emotions. For me, it did take the edge off anxiety, at least for a while. It did nothing for depression. And I stopped wanting to get out of bed on the stuff. Not good for motivation in my case.

Emotionally numb, irritable, no sex drive, increased appetite, unable to cry, but reduced social anxiety. I don’t think that I want to continue with sertaline, mostly because I don’t want to gain any more weight. Maybe there is some other SSRI with less unwanted side affects?

Hi there I’m in same medication I love it! Anxiety is lotttt less personally x I didn’t want take medication for ages once did after getting threw first month was brilliant I think it is what you make it ! Think your doing your best that’s all you can do! Your only human and just getting up every day is amazing !! Your doing great!!!

Hi dstar I dont think the anti makes you feel numb it's the anxiety/depression low mook low self esteem that does that.the meds balance you out to try and figure out what the real problem is the start to fix it.i told my partner that I feel numb for everyone and everything but it's just the dis-ease that's taking your rational thinking.i wish you well on your journey be kind to your self and love yourself a little more.


I was on this drug for a few years

Definitely increased social anxiety

My lack of self care was untrue.

Often felt as though i was existing not living. Thank goodness for my daughter or I don’t know what I would of done.

Felt like a zombie. Cabbage like so much. Terrible.

Stopped the crying which was lovely at the beginning

Only just come off it...

Now trying duloxetine, not looking hopeful to be honest

Good luck x

its helped me I feel like me but just less anxious

We are respond differently. It was literally a life saver for me and has reduced my anxiety to the point where I can cope and I am no longer depressed. It did not numb my feelings ; it just lifted the anxiety and depression. We are all different. You need to talk to whoever prescribed this medication and tell them of your concerns. Gemmalouise x

PS Also on a personal level I agree with the other poster who said that the feeling of numbness is more likely a symptom of your depression rather than the effect of the medication. You may be even worse if you weren't medicating but please talk to your physician or GP depending on where you are based. Setraline works best for people who are highly anxious and their anxiety is what is causing their feelings of overwhelm and depression IMO.

PPS. I have not gained any weight through taking sertaline and I am on 200 mg per day as well as quietiapine 200 mg and other meds which unfortunately I am addicted to ( benzo's; but now on a very low dose of those) I am very petite but I do eat healthy. The medication doesn't make me any more hungry but I know they can do with some people. I exercise a lot daily which helps but really you need to be in the right frame of mind to do that. I wasn't able to exercise for 6 months when my stress and depression were at their worst so go with wherever you are at at the moment. Sometimes things like exercise and eating healthily are not our top priority or are out of our reach at that time so I'm not saying this to make you feel worse.

Hope you start to feel better soon. x

I also was on 200 mg.

is this a piss against the wall contest???


We all react differently.

Feelings of numbness can be associated with the depression..seriously!!! If i was numb I wouldn’t need the medication.

There are many tablets to try. Yeah tried most of them.

I lost my appetite but still gained weight.

Love the positive help advice given.

Think before you type.

I agree this applies to me too.

I rarely write on any forum because of answers like above.

Most probably won’t ever again.

Thanks so much for making me feel like a valued member of society.

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