Does Sertraline boost energy ?

My biggest problem is fatigue, easily tired. I read a lot good feedback about Sertraline lift people's mood and they felt better.

But does it fix the energy crash??

I just took my first 25mg Sertraline last night and today so tired. Low energy is already my worry and dont want it worse! Would it get better when drug kicks in?

And later today I have very bad anxiety, feeling sad. Is this Sertraline effect?

Anyone has experience? Thanks!

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  • I dont think the sertraline will have any effect yet. It takes a while to get into your system.

    It wont improve your energy levels. Or at least it didnt with me. I took it for about 3 years. It had lots of side effects for me so I came off it.

    It might suit you ad all these drugs work differently for people.

    Im not taking anything now but Ive given up work too due to depression.

    Good luck

  • Thanks. Why didn't you come off sooner if it wasnt very helpful?

  • I wanted to give it time to see if it had any improvement. It was the gp who said come of it as I was getting lots of other physical problems such as fatigue, dizziness, aching joints, sweating and more.

    I have now been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

    Still got depression as it is a symptom of fibro.

    Get the fatigue checked if it doesnt improve.

    Good luck

  • Sorry to hear that. I am not expery but have you considered acupuncture? It mighy help.

  • I tried accupuncture for a different problem and it helped but I was only allowed 6 sessions on the NHS and it is too expensive for me to fund myself as Im on benefit and dont work.

    Im sure it would help the fibro. I have arthritus in my elbow, and it helped that.

    Why is everything expensive and the good old NHS wont fund enough.

  • Hello David

    The reason that many NHS areas will not pay for certain types of treatment is they can be classed alternative treatments.

    Where I am we on occasions may be offered acupuncture if the physio has been trained in it. This is a very selective treatment plan.

    Private Cyropractic (excuse spelling) is another treatment is a one where generally the GP or RA Specialist would not recommend this treatment and you would need to pay. Although I needed a note from my GP etc before start of treatment I had two years of latter and it cost a bomb, where a private health plan picked up the bill. When I was made medically retired the GP Practice took over all my treatments and was told I had to stop manipulation

    GPs generally are a little bit more open minded now.


  • Hi Golfer15, I was just wondering if you had any side affects from taking sertraline with regards to dreams and being unable to distinguish a dream from reality?

    Bex :)

  • Hello

    Stress will cause all above problems anyway so that is all power to the course.

    You have only started your medication, so you will need time to get used to the tablets, allow upwards to four weeks as your body will need to get used to the its taking. You will suffer side affects so do not be discouraged

    Be patient


  • Thanks. Yes I am telling myself to be strong and patient.

  • I have been on sertraline since May of this year and have had the dosed increased about 3 months ago I'm now on 100mg per day. I wouldn't say that It has had any effect on my energy at all, but it has helped with my sleeping pattern, but it has not helped with my anxiety, to be honest I think that might have worsen. when I went to see my GP they said that it would take 6-8 weeks to feel the full effect and that during the first few weeks I might feel worse, so my advice would be don't give up on them to quickly they might take a good while to kick in, and if you are having a really low day, talk to some one :)

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