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Insomnia back


Hi all hope your all doing as well as possible.2 Weeks off for Christmas and routine gone out the window.insomnia drifting back in and due at work tomorrow.when I get it my mental health takes a hit and I get anxious about going to bed.any tip good apps etc I've go a few zopiclone but they for dire phenergan but end up groggy.thanks all.

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Try mediation on google mindful mediation youtube - other types of mediation, too - see what best suits you - will give you real peace of mind, letting go, relaxation, calmness and will let you sleep better - otherwise it is hot milk or heavy meal before you go to sleep which might work!

Hi, insomnia meditation on you tube I use the one with the picture of a moon over a dark blue sea, helps me every night along with lavender oil.

Good luck :-)

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