Insomnia / beta blockers

My gp has prescribed me beta blockers to overcome insomnia yet all the info I find seems to indicate they have the opposite effect. His reasoning being that as I described a fast anxious heartbeat being a symptom the beta blockers will reduce my adrenalin/heart rate helping me to relax. But like I say I keep reading things that contradict his advice. 

Any thoughts or advice very welcome. 


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6 Replies

  • Generally they can work the opposite way I thought. If you are not sure, I am no GP you should discuss all wit your GP

    If that is not possible go on the NHS CHOICES web page and check th drug under thier A to Z


  • Thanks Bob. Most of the advice on the Internet seems to contradict my doctor although in theory I can understand his logic. 

  • Hello Kev

    Put your mind at rest, phone the surgery tomorrow, your GP will or should call back at your request and put your mind at rest


  • Im on propranalol they ease the panic slightly ,but made my hair fall out "arrrgh" another cause to feel rubbish wat are you taking?

  • Hi, I was on propranolol too but I stopped after a few days as I felt they were exacerbating the insomnia with no benefits.  Got to be honest I'm glad I have if they can make your hair fall out! I'm thinning a bit as it is lol. Thanks for your comment. 

  • Welcome!  My 15 yr old daughter has just been prescribed them now too, we will all be bald soon grrrrrr! Il save on shampoo anyway 😊

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