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Insomnia / beta blockers


My gp has prescribed me beta blockers to overcome insomnia yet all the info I find seems to indicate they have the opposite effect. His reasoning being that as I described a fast anxious heartbeat being a symptom the beta blockers will reduce my adrenalin/heart rate helping me to relax. But like I say I keep reading things that contradict his advice. 

Any thoughts or advice very welcome. 

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Generally they can work the opposite way I thought. If you are not sure, I am no GP you should discuss all wit your GP

If that is not possible go on the NHS CHOICES web page and check th drug under thier A to Z


Kev45 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Bob. Most of the advice on the Internet seems to contradict my doctor although in theory I can understand his logic. 

Hidden in reply to Kev45

Hello Kev

Put your mind at rest, phone the surgery tomorrow, your GP will or should call back at your request and put your mind at rest


Im on propranalol they ease the panic slightly ,but made my hair fall out "arrrgh" another cause to feel rubbish wat are you taking?

Kev45 in reply to lawlaw99

Hi, I was on propranolol too but I stopped after a few days as I felt they were exacerbating the insomnia with no benefits.  Got to be honest I'm glad I have if they can make your hair fall out! I'm thinning a bit as it is lol. Thanks for your comment. 

Welcome!  My 15 yr old daughter has just been prescribed them now too, we will all be bald soon grrrrrr! Il save on shampoo anyway 😊

Hi I don’t know if you are still on this site. Did the propanalol beta blockers work for you. I have been prescribed them to take as and when, up to 3 x a day.

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