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Insomnia help


Hi everyone hope you are all well and keeping safe.

I am really struggling with my insomnia I haven't slept properly for years. Each night I have a fitful doze but never a full hour or full night I always wake up anxious and cant settle. I try to get up and read or relax (ha I wish) etc but once I am up I'm up. I never have naps through the day and I'm on no medication to make me not sleep. I try the whole calming drink, no TV, bath before bed, listen to soothing music etc but never helps

Can anyone suggest anything to help me sleep? I hate taking tablets but feel I have no choice altho I'm scared to take them incase I never wake up(silly I know but I suffer from extreme health anxiety and panic disorder and it stems from that)

Thanks for reading .

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Going to bed and rising at the same times seems to help me

Not having a late or heavy supper also helps

We seem to not need as much sleep as we get older as well

Have you tried Mindfulness Relaxation Technique before going to bed

Never go to bed on an argument or watch heavy television late on that can keep some awake


Thanks for the helpful tips very appreciated ❤️

Have you tried camomile tea?

I don't like it hun ha typical!

Honestly just get a straw and get it down ya, was the best thing I ever did for my insomnia. It’s gross but it has brain stimulation things in it that triggers sleep :) also helps with stomach pain x

Never thought to do that 😊 might start bathing in it x

Have you tried valerian? I think it comes in several different options: capsules, tea, and in lozenges. I take some called Moondrops. They help me relax enough to nod off. I'm not sleeping as well as I would like, but at least I can get three to five hours at a time.

Secret4706 in reply to SoporRose

I haven't thanks for the suggestion

SoporRose in reply to Secret4706

Hope it helps. Insomnia is torture.

Secret4706 in reply to SoporRose

Thanks again and it's severe torture I haven't slept for days

SoporRose in reply to Secret4706

Insomnia can make anybody truly crazy. You know, a nap in the early afternoon, if you feel like taking one, might not hurt. Sometimes being over tired can prevent sleep. Rest whenever you can.

Very interesting, something to think about


Thanks Bob hope you are well


Ask your doctor to be referred to sleepstation its helped me and by the sounds of it a few on here it a 7 week guided course they sleep restriction at first but in the long run it helps.good luck

Secret4706 in reply to welly10

Is that the kind of thing where you are hooked up to monitors etc and they watch you sleep?

Hi there, just a suggestion, have you looked into taking melatonin supplements? It a sleep hormone naturally produced by the pineal gland but is often lacking in people who've had long term sleep problems. I honestly haven't tried it myself but have seen family members prescribed it with excellent results. X

Secret4706 in reply to Lilishead

Hi thanks for the suggestion defo going to look into that I've not slept properly for years so might be good to trym thanks again x

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