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Thinking of starting pregablin it was the start of all my problems when I came off them then hospital put me on again to wein off then I was fine again but when I was finished big problems came back been on all soughts of antidepressants ,I blamed pregablin it was coming off them ,trying to decide if I should go back on them and do have 2 bulging disc in neck ,sertraline duloxetine sent me into physics ward for a week now weening off sertraline what a nightmare taking a bit of diazipam whilst coming off sertraline what does people think doctor have asked me I’m bit scared to know what to do

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Talk again to your GP, it would seem you need to put your mind at rest regards your medications. Your GP will know your past problems and move you on.

If you have bulging disks in your neck you will possible be in pain, your GP will need scans or XRays to see if there is anything causing you problems. Sometimes the spine C1-7 may be just pronounced, it may be bone. If your posture is bad that will cause pain in the neck. and various exercises may be suggested, posture may be problematic, although you are not mentioning pain as such so that may be caused by Anxiety. Talk to your GP


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