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Mirtazapine - Antidepressants when travelling

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Hi All,

I'm travelling to SE Asia (Japan, Bali, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, & Vietnam) this June for 9 months.

I take 30mg/day of Mirtazapine (also known as Remeron or Zispin etc.) for depression and anxiety. I've found it incredibly taxing trying to find a way to legally carry 9 months worth of supply around all the different countries for the entire time.

This leads me to think that the best way of getting my medication when travelling is to get it out there? 30 days at a time from each place that I go?

I've also thought about handing my prescription to a family member here in the UK and getting them to send a months supply out at a time?

Any advice that you have or other ways that you can think of doing this please let me know.

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Might want to check out postal regulations on meds...just to be sure. Safe travels

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Thank you :-)

Yeah I didn't want it to look like I was trying to smuggle them in or illegally send them to myself. Do you think I'd be better off buying them out there rather than sending them out? I can't find anything online informing me what I can/can't send :-\

hi I take mirtazapine.i think you should go on to the countries laws website or whatever and double check.certain countries might differ from what we would permit.even go to your gp and ask them what you should do as you are worried.

Thank you for your reply - I've been to the GP and they referred me to the FCO. The FCO has referred me to all of the independent embassies. Feels like I'm going in circles and I can't get any straight answers from anywhere.

I'm thinking avoid the problem all together and pay for it when I'm out there? Can't find anything online that says that they sell mirtazapine in the countries I've mentioned :-(

Most of the countries ie Thailand Cambodia etc sell everything over the counter so should not be a problem out there.

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Simonunwin32 in reply to welly10

Yeah? That's really reassuring to hear. I've looked into the countries laws (taking it with my/sending it to myself) but honestly I just get too confused with it all. I'd much rather get it out there. Will I need a prescription from my doctor?

You should be able to get it from the big pharmacies or order it through the small ones no prescription needed.this was a few years ago when I lived there but laws wise not much changes it Thailand you can get things such as steroids grow hormone over the counter

Umm, I am not sure either of those options are legal. Call the airlines, customs, or the local Embassy to see how to do it. You probably need documentation from your doctor. Can you get a 9 month supply, anyway?

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