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Mirtazapine increase

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Hi I have been on 15mg mirtazapine at night for 3 months now. Getting an appointment with my GP is so hard. I want to increase my dose as I am finding by 6pm I am on edge and getting anxious and stressed. I find I want it to be evening time so I can take my medication. Does anyone know what the increase is normally?

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it is 30mg and the higher doze is 45mg for mirtazapine as I`m on them.

Phone your Doctor, Surgery and ask for a telephone consultation if unable to arrange an eye to eye. When on the phone have a list handy of your health problems so you do not forget anything


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Bellep in reply to borderriever

I have tried so many times to get an appointment. They are only doing phone call appointments and you have to ring on the day first come first serve. It drives me insane. You don’t even get on a que. The phone just cuts off if it’s engaged. I have been to the doctors and physically begged to get an appointment before. The receptionist says she will talk to the doctor and ring me back but she never does. I then have to phone or go back and start all again. When you are mentally unwell this is so hard. The mental health team sent a letter to the doctor saying I can have it increased and I made the receptionist find the letter. She said I will get back to you guess what nope!! Life is so hard just want to fill better 😔

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LAAG in reply to Bellep

I know it’s hard but if you are on your own you have to be strong. Have you got someone that can call the doctor on your behalf? My husband wasn’t mentally strong enough so I have had to do a lot of appointment arranging, sorting meds etc for him.

Also, if you are under a mental health team and they have authorised an increase then just increase. Can you speak to someone on the mental health team, tell them you are struggling to get your increased prescription from the GP?

The other thing is if you are on 15mg you can easily increase to 30mg by taking two tablets. Then just pop your repeat perscription through your GPs door with a note on it saying the mental health team have increased your dose to 30mg daily so can then adjust your repeat prescription accordingly. They will either just do it as they will find the letter from the mental team or get in touch.

Personally I have found once you are under a mental health team the GP doesn’t really want to get involved.

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borderriever in reply to Bellep

Do you have a Therapist or CPN you can talk to. Sometimes they recommend through to your GP. Regards your GP. Do you have a regular Doctor in the Practice you see.??

I try and see only one Doctor, there are about six in Practice. I had a telephone appointment about five weeks ago and when I talked to Her She made a follow up eye to eye

When do you get a refill of your medication, I had a telephone call from my Pharmacist last week they had changed and included another medication on My Script.

When you need a refill, try and get an appointment then with your GP

We all are supposed to have a review of our medication every twelve months, they then can also change the dose of a medication. I do not know if you are due for a review, possibly that will give you an opening to discuss your medication rate.

What has caused your Anxiety, Three months on a medication, the Doctor may feel you need to give the drug longer to work, three months is not that long and the GP would prefer you give the drug longer to work.

Another way if you really need to push for an appointment, write a note and seal it and address it to the chosen Doctor that may help you get past the receptionist. However before that try and get a telephone appointment. The problem can be at this time the Reception may be busy with the Covid injections, and that is blocking you. Our GP at this time is having problems with the number of people phoning in about when will they get scene, On top of that the other way to get an appointment is to walk into reception and ask again. I know I have an appointment Wednesday and I had to wait regards to a B12 Injection the problem is this needs to be given just in time and can only make an appointment five days before my jab, they were two days late. So there are appointment problems


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Bellep in reply to borderriever

My doctor is only doing appointments for that day. So you have to ring in the mornings to phone and get an appointment. If you are not lucky to get an appointment they just tell you to try again the next day. I don’t mind waiting for an appointment but you have to fight to get one and I have no fight in me. I don’t know why my doctors are doing this. My friends have actually been and seen there doctors. You are not allowed into the doctors to speak to the receptionist you have to shout from out side through a window that has a plastic shield on.

My counsellor has sent a letter to the GP asking for me to be assessed again. I hate mental health I wish I had a broken leg I would get more help this way.

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borderriever in reply to Bellep

All I can suggest, if your Therapist has written a report for your Doctor you need to allow several weeks to be received. GPs seem to be working reduced days, in my case my Doctor only works two days a week. While others may only available for appointments several days a week. Appointments are given just in time on the day you phone. You are not alone. I have only seen my preferred Doctor about once or twice since Covid. Sometimes appointments are given to see the Practice Nurse and they will also refer you to a Doctor. Mental Health is problematic at this time this can be a further concern

My husband is on 45mg. He started on 15mg increased to 30mg and then to 45mg. He takes his at night before bed.

They are being such hard work the Receptionist. I spoke to them 3 times last week. I put my repeat proscription in on Monday Wednesday my app was saying pending still so I phoned. Asked if they could fit me in this was 8.10 and all appointments had gone so asked if she could do my prescription and then chase up to increase my medication. Said would speak to GP then phone me nothing. So I went in before work said she will do it again and found the letter from mental health team. Friday still nothing so went on way home from work as I know my medication runs out Sunday. The lady on the desk put my prescription through. I was shaking. So now I’m waiting to see if the postman comes with my medication if not I will be missing a dose! They will only give me two weeks at a time. So I feel I am on edge worried I’m going to not have any and now it’s come true.

My husband don’t care and he hates phones so there is no way he will help me. 😞

It is a shame you have them delivered as I believe a pharmacist, you can supply prescription only medicines (POMs) to a patient without a prescription in an emergency.

Yes it is. They are normally really good and quick getting them delivered to me. It is the fault of the receptionist as I gave a weeks notice. I’m frightened how I will be not having the medication for the day. I’m hoping I will be ok just the unknown. Just hope they come tomorrow. If not I will have to go to the doctors. As two days not having the medication won’t be good.

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