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Where has my BIO gone

Hi all

I hope all are doing the best you can.

If you think your best isn’t up to standard,it is believe me.if your having a real battle against your doing your best,take a break,chill,it’s only society we match our doing the best we can.

Any way sorry for that slightly of topic lol.

Just wondered has any body else had there complete bio wiped out.it took some real courage to write what I was about and it gave ppl the insight to what I was about ?

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Glad you are feeling at peace with yourself




'Complete BIO wiped out'? Don't understand a word of that. x


Hi hyper.

I hope your well ?

So when I joined up I went to the top of page and where it says adit bio I pressed that.

I then added my words of explaining my self.

This then gave an insite to ppl of what I have.it would help ppl understand where and how I was coming from.

It’s not there any more.it just says

Hi I’m fidgety and no more.

It used to say a whole lot more.

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Oh I see. The only reason I can see for that is if you omitted to save it, or maybe the site had a glip. Try again anyway as there is no reason for anyone to delete it. x


Yer probably a glitch.

I’ll start over at some point



Yeah meant glitch not glip :) x


Hi borderriever

Thanks for the well done.

I’m not feeling at peace with my self just at the moment.since about Saturday.im trying to re track back to Saturday to try to under stand what went on.

I will get there.

We all do in our own way though hey ?


It seems to have disappeared and a very lengthy message after a person in here slated me.he or she actually picked at my words my punctuation and my grammar and generally tried to de grade me after some one I tried to help thought what I says was a bit harsh.

What I wrote has many likes and only one person complained to me.

Even though his English and punctuation was kinda crap.

I will take this as a positive as of only one complaint.

I guess some ppl like to just troll and pic at ppl and what they have to say.

When I first joined a lovely guy said to me on here.”don’t be sorry for getting your message across.every opinion counts and others will learn from it”

Ha the funny thing is the guy or girl who tries to de grade me started advising me with links on boosts that I must read etc etc.

I in no way mean to upset ppl in here and to my memory think I’ve only upset two ppl.they were two ppl that yes may have been in a difficult place in there life.

I do find that some ppl take my words the wrong way as this does re I force what they don’t want to believe as it’s the truth and that may some times hurt.



If someone is trolling you on here then you need to report it. Click on the 'more' button underneath their response. x


Ok thanks will do.

Thanks for advice 🤪

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I love the pic of your cat with headphones.

I’m in to headphones in a rather large way as I have a wooden lathe and like to turn headphone cups out of exotic woods.its very rewarding for my self belief system.

Not only that.i then take the wooden cups and compete a headphone build and have great enjoyment listening to what I’ve built.

There was a rather large space of time last year when I couldn’t bare entering my small workshop/shed to build anything.i can’t remember if I was having a patch of what’s the point in anything to be honest.

I couldn’t even bare to listen to music as it just sounded flat not thrilling etc.

Then one day last year approx November I picked up some broken headphones cheap on eBay that just needed a new cable being made.

I made a simple cable that took a week instead of a day.

Headphones went on and put comfortably numb on by pink floyd.

Wow my smile came back.the guitar solo flourished with in my ears and whoosh I came out of my negative state.

Now I can’t keep out of my workshop.

I’ve to watch the hrs I do though as many days I can’t stand and if I do to many hrs it really does hurt the next day.

What I can’t do in the workshop I do at the coffee table indoors at my wife’s dismay ha ha.

I’m not feeling my self again and the negative thoughts are starting to get the better of me which I don’t know why.

All I know is this is the time to work on my self and perhaps post a little more in here.

Perhaps little words of improvement that I’m making in the hope this gives strength to other ppl 🤗

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Oh thank you. It is actually a video and the cat dances but obviously doesn't show that here.

Oh I love Pink Floyd too and comfortably numb is one of my fave songs. I discovered them in 1973 and went straight out and bought Dark Side of the Moon. I have seen them twice in London back in the 80's. The first was at Earls Court where they did 'The Wall'. The other one was at Wembley Stadium where they did Dark Side of the Moon and some of I Wish you were here including that song. They are my fave group and just love the freaked out guitar. Dave Gilmour can't really sing but he sure can play that guitar. x


Nice .

I went to see pink floyd in there last tour in France outside.anazing.green lazers in the sky with dry ice pump in to the sky and it made clouds.then speeded up and the whole sky went fast like in one of the videos but can’t remember.then I came across a ticket in a guitar shop.luckily some guys were going up in an old van to Earl’s Court to see it.that was one day after all the scaffolding collapsed,so was lucky to go 🧐

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Wow I bet that was amazing. All I got was the pig and headmaster on a wire! I nearly saw them in Docklands but couldn't get a ticket in the end. x


The diamond came out of the top of a box in to the air in France .

At Earl’s Court it has the spitfire on a high wire come flying down towards the stage.

I’ve seen them jamming in a pub and sat on the wall of the pub to watch them play.obviously there were no posters.i was driving past one day and saw ppl rushing towards a pub.

I had been there before and seen Gilmore playing on his own.

I got a leg up by a bloke on to a bloody high wall and sat there for a few hrs on the most beautiful summers evening.it was one hell of an evening.

Pink floyd was the first concert I had ever gone to.pretty much haven’t manage to beat that experience 😎


Hey do you know how to add a pic here to show you what I make ?


It’s ok worked it out.you have to compose new message as apposed to a reply


Now I’m definitely going ga ga.atleast answering my own questions I know it’s what a would like to hear lol


Hey fidgety, Some people on here will rag on you no matter what you say. Thankfully very few and I imagine they are having a bad day. I often ruffle feathers because I try to make my responses concise and to the point , I'm not really a hand holder. It offends some as it can sound harsh. I think of myself as a marshmallow with a stone inside. Don't bite too hard. The other thing is......I am so jealous of you and the cat woman. I love Pink Floyd and only saw once. I thought they were amazing. Pam


Hey Sweetie

Wow that’s so concise that hits the nail on the head.thanks for re confirming my attitude to life,ship shape and Bristol fashion hey lol.

Pink Floyd ah what a wonderful time if life(living in the used to be)

Read your Bio,nice words.

Where and when did you see pink floyd.

I wasn’t a psychedelic hold of the 60s or 70s.so my first take on Pink Floyd was delicate sound of thunder album and worked gently back to Dark Side Of The Moon. I couldn’t get in to the earlier stuff as I wasn’t born back then.i was born in 1970 so was to young to party hard lol.

Although Momentary Laps Of Reason I did like. Although I some times did have momentary dislodged laps if unreasonable behaviour ha ha lol.

Nice words from your kind self.

I shall carry on to be my self on here, as we all know,many ppl will gain from our words of wisdom and encouragement and to the point words.




I saw Pink Floyd in their latter years, mine as well. I used to go to concerts with my sons . At their request I might add. My oldest grandson went to see the Stones a couple of summers ago. He came home and said... Grandma, I just saw a great band you would love them....I said tell me about them...He said well there's this old dude who keeps hopping around and walks like a chicken.....one of the best laughs I've ever had. Pam


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