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Don't know what to do

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Hi I'm 46 and have had depression and anxiety for 36 years I have been on pills but came off due to them taking the lineing off my stomach and giving me stomach ulcers I have talked to loads of councilors had CBT etc and not helped I can't take pills my anxiety is too bad to take them worry too much and just recently my daughter of 12 is haveing problems to and she won't go to school because of anxiety

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I replied to your other post regard Daughter.

You mention the burning of tummy lining causing ulcerations.

Like you I have been on medications for over thirty years, my tummy crumbles like a bear and that seems to cause wind. I take AD Medications also Opiates, I find a glass of milk helps with the tablets. However because of your Depression and Anxiety you need drugs to calm you. Personally if really bad, talk to your GP and see if medications would be best taken by injection, that may help. These injections may be bunker medications that can cover an extended period, however I am no GP so take advice.

May I ask what caused your Anxiety and Depression in the first instance.


Hi Dwaindewalt and welcome to this caring forum. I have also replied to your other post regarding your daughter. It may help you to have a look on Mind, the Mental Health Charity website.

They can help you make choices about treatment. It may be useful to have a look at their A-Z Mental Health. They also provide an advocacy service. As borderriever has suggested, please go back to see your GP and see if medications could be given by injection. Do you have support from a community mental health nurse, as this would also be helpful to you? Please stay on the forum for support from other members. Are any other members able to help Dwaindewalt, please? Thank you and best wishes.

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