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Getting help - Where to start?

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I have found a guide on :)


*) Your doctor (GP)

*) A trained therapist

*) Charity and third sector organisations

*) Student services

*) Workplace support

All of these requires me interacting with people. :( I guess I need to stop feeling ashamed of my possible condition and get myself diagnosed.

I am worried about my privacy and inter-governmental data shares. Probably anxious for no reason but my visits to my GP (if at all) or other support services cannot be traced back to me. :( All said, I clearly need help. 😭

I am not sure how to get out of this predicament.

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Hello persona_non_grata and welcome to this community.

Please do not feel ashamed of any possible diagnosis. This is a supportive forum and it may help to share some more detail of how you are feeling. Our members will then be able to offer you the benefit of their wisdom and experience.

Please consider making an appointment with your GP to discuss your concerns. You can review all the options available to you together with the confidentiality with which any information would be shared with those to whom you may be referred for additional help if necessary.

It is understandable that many of us have concerns about our privacy these days but it can also be the case that we have to balance this against the potential benefits of interacting with those who can help us.

Take Care

Privacy is indeed an important concern. It is possible it has something to do with me being anxious 😥 😟 😦


I can imagine from their perspective, I would come across as a nut case probably worried about terms and conditions of data usage whilst they have other important patients to see. 😭

I would go to doctor, GP they keep everything quiet

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Thank you. I have just moved to a new area. Yet to register with a local GP. 🤔


I didn’t want to catch them off guard with my unique way to embarrass myself with my sob stories. 😭

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