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Doggie Problems

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As many of you know we have a Collie dog called Pax.

In the past we have had problems caused by fatty lumps and we get Him tested quite often.

After we had returned from Holiday all seemed ok so we thought. On Thursday we found a further lump on the opposing hind leg so we rushed Him to the VET and further tests were performed on His fatty lumps. We were supposed to get results yesterday and we seemed to be on the phone all day, with other things. So Hazel phoned this Morning and His results proved clear. His lumps contain fat and fluid and many dogs suffer from the same problem. So missing the call and not finding out what was going on we had a very unsettled twenty four hours or so.

Pax is part of my diversion therapy and it can really upset me when something is wrong. Our last Dog, Pip was a Pat dog in Mental Health, He was a valuable animal and many Mental Health people were very upset when the dog died so now we are very proactive when we find lumps and bumps.

So now we are breathing a sigh of relief that Pax is fine so I am now able to relax once more. At this time He is sitting at my feet like nothing has happened.

The funny thing about this morning Pax went with Hazel when She phoned the Vet, as soon as the results were explained He rushed back into the room and gave me several sloppy licks, as much to say I am ok now, stop worrying.

Now yes nothing was to worry about, yes we had a Vet Bill, it was worth the visit and put our minds at rest. Even Pax is more relaxed by His results.

One of the dogs in the Vet had, had an ear removed I supposed Pax picked up on that.


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Hi just read your post-☺️Glad your dog is 👍 was wondering what is the diversion therapy that you mention the dogs a part of??

These sound like really special sweet dogs!! 🐕 I have an adorable dog she’s very special to me and many times when I’ve been super sad &depressed she tries to cheer me up& loves it when I laugh but when I get anxiety really bad she’s afraid and hides which I feel soo bad about -I’m not sure what to do about this cause it makes me even more anxious and sad about it!!??? Any thoughts on this if your familiar maybe a lot w/dogs regarding people with anxiety/ depression and such??☺️

Our Pax was a rescue dog, He is about eight ears old and as you say the dog can pick up on negative moods or anger.

Like tonight the three of us will go out for a walk, out in the fields. It just lifts my mood to watch Him chasing a toy or ball.

Our old dog attended a Mental Health Day Centre and He would sit on my knee and people would fuss over Him. Eventually members got dogs of their own and would bring them to the centre. I was in their Information Centre, Pax would sit on my knee and people would come in to see the dog, it broke the ice and they in turn began to talk about their problems. A dog is great for that


Hi Bob glad pax is OK at least you can stop worrying dogs can sense when you are nervous or upset as most pets can I had a rabbit that cuddled into me when I was upset it was so comforting! I hope you continue to get well my friend God bless david😁

Thanks David

We were worried for around forty eight hours, They are a great concern pets, as you say.

Pax goes everywhere with us.

Do you have a Pet now, the only problem we have is if Pax was not around we would be travelling. Although we both feel Pax is well worth restricting our activities. Pax goes on holiday with us and He has had all His jags including Rabies so He can go to Ireland and Europe.

He has been fast asleep on the bed most of the evening and now He is taking up most of the Settee. Sleeping on Hazels Ironing. We have not got the heart to move him

How are you getting on ?. It is nice to hear from you.

All the best


Several of our dogs have had fatty tumors and other than being unsightly they caused no problems. Our dogs have been like family members so I understand the concern and worry. Glad Pax is okay. Pam

Thanks Pam

Problem with dogs is they weagle their way into the centre of the family. Yes we know these lumps and bumps are just fat and fluid it still concerns as you will know with yours.

He had just had His yearly check up four days or so before His Holiday and we had only been back for a week before we noticed the problem. We are very proactive with these now as we lost our past dog Pip to Cancer that had entered the toe and spread to Lungs and Lymph nodes in a matter of months. So we always get them checked as soon as they appear.

Do you still have dogs, now ?


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