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Waking up confused


I'm kinda freaked out as I woke up confused at night/early this morning when my fiance got up to use the bathroom and come back to bed. I really don't know why I was confused, maybe I was in the middle of a weird dream or something. I did have a very detailed dream and I could tell when I woke up I was in a pretty deep sleep.

I woke up being confused about who I was/ how I was me, (if that makes sense.) Also I was confused about who my fiance was. I didn't actually get up and look at him and I guess I wasn't completely awake I should add but I just kinda felt a little disoriented in a way. Or maybe I was experiencing a bit of derealization/depersonalization?! I haven't experienced anything like this in a long time and I've actually been doing pretty good with my anxiety up until recently.

Has anyone else had a similar experience to mine? I just mentioned it to my fiance and he said he has never felt this way and acted like it wasn't normal for me to experience this, which freaked me out even more. Any comments or advice would be appreciated! Thanks in advance! 😊

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I have felt that way waking up before :/

Leighakay in reply to Lindsey14

Not that I'm happy you have experienced this too, but I am really glad I'm not alone and the only one who has experienced this. It's hard to find people to relate these awful symptoms of depersonalization with. Can you tell me more about your experience please?

Lindsey14 in reply to Leighakay

I deal with depersonlization and it sucks. I feel unreal alot, like who am I? And i know what you mean, its a little bit of relief knowing your not alone

This is normal as many people are disorientated when first waking. Don't over think this and just accept it as life. I am like a zombie first thing but wake up slowly. x

Yes, I’ve experienced disorientation like this. I experience it about 2 or 3 times a month. Generally when I’m really tired or have been woken unexpectedly. I wait, focus on reality and it passes. I don’t see it as abnormal. I see it as transitioning from a deep sleep state to an awake state.

Thanks for the replies everyone! It feels so good knowing that I'm not the only one who experiences such weird feeling like this. I wouldn't wish this feeling on anyone but I guess it could be worse.

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