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Alone with panic attack!


So, my wife (who recently cheated and we are getting a dissolution) is back to working so she can move out. She used to be my rock if I had a bad enough attack, but now I have no rock and I am having an attack bad now. I am alone (except the kids in house with me), and I am feeling it get strong and powerful. It’s really bothersome to be here in this position. I hate panic!

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Breakups are common and Anxiety with depression is so very common.

You mention you mistrust Her now and you still have the children with you.

You need Legal Help, not only for your Separation from your ex Partner also who will be caring for your children

Sometimes Medications for above may be counter productive although your GP may be able to give some form of support. Your main concern are your kids so you need to be rational in your Outlook, your GP may be able to help in the early/mid stages

Good Luck


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