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I was in the Surgery today having bloods taken for my checkup next Thursday Morning. There was a note on the door explaining patients were going to surgery to make an appointment to get their teeth checked. The problem is at this time Dentists are as rare as Hens Teeth, and people are having problems getting a Dental appointment on the NHS, so people are not getting their six months review done. Their teeth are getting in a bad way, this can cause serious health conditions

GP Doctors do not do any form of dentistry, you need to go to a Dentist. If you are needing a six month review, look on the NHS CHOICES website, they have lists of NHS Dentists in your area as they do for GPs, the site also explains if the Dentist is accepting new NHS Patients. Make an appointment to attend

There is a problem at this time where some Dental Surgeries are only accepting private patients so it is important you get placed on a Dentists List for NHS treatment. You get reviewed and any treatment is undertaken. They also arrange teeth and gums cleaned. If anxiety is a problem that can be taken into consideration

If you cannot find a dentist you may find an NHS Dentist in a general NHS Clinic where general health conditions are treated. If you live in a city you may find Dental Hospitals that train new dentists, they will give treatment if urgent. Dentists can refer patients to dental hospitals.

General Hospitals generally have a Dental Clinic, these are generally a referral service.



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Good point BOB thank you for flagging that up! :-)

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