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Thousand Pieces


Thousand pieces

I always thought it would be difficult to find someone who will love me when I’m always scattered in a thousand pieces.

It’s like trying to complete a puzzle when you don’t even know if you have all the right pieces.

But then you showed me that every piece doesn’t have to be in place to create something beautiful.

That love can exist in the most imperfect, lost and broken people.

And I promise that love will be just as beautiful, if your in a thousand pieces or just one.

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I've read other posts by you, and you write really intelligently and thoughtfully x

What a lovely way to express love. MyMania, I am awed and in a trance over your writing.

Like it!!!

How thoughtful and inspiring with such a wonderful heart giving warmth, love and encouragement. Now I feel less loveable. Thank you MyMania

Love it x



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