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Lost soul


I've tried to commit suicide alot of times and it's never worked,the most reason I don't want to try again is because I know it won't work,tablets,drink,I've even thought of jumping out of a block of flats,I jus don't know the meaning or point of my life,I know I have pple who care for me but wats the point really,To carry on,pick ureself up and get knocked back down again,pple who see me think I'm a strong person but deep down I'm not,I'm a lost soul and think I always will b :(

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You will never be a lost soul. You have to get up every morning and look at the day ahead as if it's a new day and a new you. Whenever you stumble, know that you have it in you to get up, brush yourself off, and keep moving. Yesterday is gone, today is at hand, and tomorrow is yet to be only what you want it to be!

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