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False allegation


My ex wife and stepson have ruined my life, ruined me, ruined my career and my home because I can't return there because of neighbour's. My stepson needed money so he tried to blackmail me if I didn't give him the money so mother told the neighbour's the allegation and my stepson phone my work. As a result I can go to my own home because I'm under police protection and I've been suspended from my work. Right from the outset I said it was lies then on Sunday evening my stepson spoke to someone from the street i stay in and told them that he made the whole thing up because he needed money. How come I don't feel as happy as I should about it? How come I still don't want to be here anymore? How come my life is still ruined?

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hi that's awful news my friend.thats lower than a snakes belly.dont really know what to say but if you could move away then you would feel better because these type of people are better rid of.its only bricks and mortar as for your job if you've been unfairly dismissed then you should take legal advise asap as that just aint right.you need to chat with your gp or a friend or family member because its a lot on your shoulders.

This has really affected you. The feelings you have are totally understandable. You trusted these people, gave them your trust and love and this is how they repay you. So I can understand how you don't feel happy. My ex said lots of things about me and basically behaved in a way that I found alien to the guy I knew. I should have been jumping for joy and celebrating when he finally decided not to pursue making me homeless, but all I felt was disappointment, hurt and grief and a whole load of anger with myself. It has taken time, but I have sorted through most of how I felt including the I don't want to be here stuff. However, I am still jobless with the possibility of loosing my home and in a mountain of debt. All because I gave someone my full trust and love and everything I had. That really hurt.

Hopefully your work will be oaky and take you back. I hope that you can find somewhere new to live and start over again.

Don't let this nasty experience stop you from making friends and seeing people. Not everyone is bad in this world.

You can get through this. Check in your local area to see if there is any guidance you can get to help you sort things out at work, talk to your union rep if you are a member of a union. There maybe help available as well for defamation of character if you want to take things that far with your ex and stepson, or also just move one if you want this whole sorry mess over and done with.

I hope you can find the strength and the support in your area to help you through this.

You can get there, just take one day at a time and rest up and look after yourself.


I have all these feelings which are overwhelming, I'm lost I feel as though I'm in a daze, the anger inside me it's like a volcano ready to erupt it's hard keeping in from erupting, the loneliness I can cope with but the panic attacks and anxiety are too much. I don't know what to do or where to go. It's OK for the CPN and phycatrist to say these are normal feelings but that doesn't help me get my job back or find somewhere to live. I have been treated like this all my life people just use me for their own gain then once I have nothing left to give I'm cast to the side and fighting to get out a mess, I don't have any more fight left in me anymore

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