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I was reading the dealing with guilt featured content article today and wondered if anyone else reads these articles and who they feel about them.

The dealing with guilt has issues that I recognise in myself. I felt so guilty and wondered so much as to what I had done when people who I thought were my friends started talking behind my back, well not so much behind my back but clearly where I could see them in a huddle and activity staring at me. They even got very questioning about things I did which would not had been questioned in the past at my sports club.

I found discussing this situation and my guilt of feeling I was doing something wrong being at the sports club and trying to get back into the sport I love and I felt I was giving a lot to the club.

So I was looking to comment on the article but couldn't find a way to do it, so I am asking here do you read the featured articles and have you found any that have changed your thinking on issues.

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I think it's amazing that they offer such a range of interesting articles and even links to organisations that offer therapy etc. Healthunlocked is amazing !! We should be very grateful for all this free content. x

Most definitely and talking to people from all round the world, really lets you know it is not just you who is having issues and lets you get ideas of what others in other countries are being advised to do.

Definitely a great tool and asset.

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