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Health Anxiety The Devil👺


Hi all, I’m new to all of this. I only speak to my Very supportive partner who I’ve been with for 17yrs about my feelings and health anxiety thoughts.

I do find it comforting reading other people’s stories as it makes me feel I am not alone. As I think if you suffer from any mental illness it makes you feel so alone.

Looking back now I think I have always suffered from anxiety and OCD. But then It was manageable as I thought it was the norm.

When I was about 13yrs old,out of the blue I suffered from panic attacks & I think the feelings & sensations from each attack made me feel that something was wrong with me, my health. Can’t remember how I over come that but I did.

I didn’t have the best upbringing, moved from pillar to post, parents separate,witnessed attempted Suicides, Physical & mental abuse, family affairs etc.... We had to grow up fast!!

During childhood got in bad habits, smoking, drinking & used drugs from the age of 12yrs.

Then I didn’t know any different, didn’t have the right guidance.

My life changed when I met the love of my life at 15yrs( young I know) we had our first baby when I was 16yrs. We are still together & going strong with 3 beautiful children. I am 31 now.

Well now I’m suffering from Health Anxiety 😢 Spiralled from some medication(ointment) that caused my blood pressure to drop. And with those feelings I had out of the blue, my body just went into an attack. I had no control at all over it. I had the dizziness that was constant for the first month or so, palpitations when My blood pressure dropped b fore the attack, pressure in my ears, shaking,felt faint, flushed. And from that I’m still suffering now like a lot of other people.

I’m always feeling new sensations in my body, mind goes on overdrive, always thinking the worst.

This started on the evening of 4th April 2018.

For the last couple of weeks I’m having more good days than bad days, so that’s something. I still tend to get the pins & needles a lot in my hands and feet, Dizziness, pressure in ears, no appetite, but I make sure I drink plenty of water & eat.

I still can’t get rid of the horrible thoughts like I think I’ve got a bad heart & cancer etc etc...

I do believe it’s important to talk to others about everything & anything. This illness can be so over powering.But also try and tell yourself it will pass, well I do anyway,

So for the essay peeps. Much love to ya all x

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Hello Jodie1987

Many thanks for your heartfelt post. It sounds as if you have been through a lot and yet are doing so many positive things in your life and with your family.

Yes our members are a very supportive lot of people and may be able to offer you more help through the wealth of experience, as your post can also help others.

Yes talking is really helpful. I hope you are getting the help and support you need from your doctor too.

The topics and pinned posts might hold more information for you.

Keep talking and tell us how you are doing.

Take care

Best wishes

Jodie1987 in reply to MAS_Nurse

Hello MAS_Nurse,

Thank you for taking the time to read my post & for your reply.

To be honest don’t think there’s much that the Doctors can do when it comes to Health Anxiety apart from check blood pressure, oxygen levels, take bloods, offer medication & try & give you reassurance doing those tests & give some self help brochures.

Well that’s all I’ve been offered & had done.

I hate going to the Doctors as they only can give you 10mins. And you know there are people out there with terminal illnesses etc which makes me feel so guilty of taking that appointment, when probably others need it more.

I’m trying so hard to help myself & overcome this. Looking into doing the Linden Method, have heard some great feedback from that.

I truly feel for everyone that is suffering from Mental Health Issues. But we have got to stand up to it & stick together, because we are not alone! These sites are great & so comforting.

I’m having a good day today, so trying to keep busy at a steady pace & enjoy this “normal” feeling whilst it lasts. Positive thinking, onwards & upwards.

Take care xxx


Consider your needs and discuss them with your GP, hopefully you will learn how to cope once more with your illness. It sounds like you have a wonderful family, children are a wonderful Healing technique especially if your partner is there for you. Talk to your GP and ask for some support and help in coming to terms with your disability. You will hopefully move on in many positive ways


Thank you Borderriever. Thanks for taking the time to read my essay lol & for your reply.

Yes my partner is very supportive. Doctors just keeps saying it’s anxiety & gave me some self help brochures.

Also they advised me to try CBT, which I have sent of the form etc & have a telephone interview 2nd of July.

Looking into doing the Linden Method. I have heard some great reviews about it.

The main thing is I’m having more better days than bad days 🤞.

My heart goes out to all of the mental health sufferers, it truly is a horrible illness.

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