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Health anxiety on fluoxetine 20mg


Hi I’ve suffered from health anxiety for about twenty years, really thought I had it beat but out of nowhere up it pops, burning chest, lump in throat, could cry I fact I have when I’m on my own. Gp has put me back on fluoxetine 20mg, been on a week but everything seems intensified since I’ve taken them. Is that normal. So scared I was housebound last time and I don’t want to go back to that place. Thanks for listening 😔

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Give your medications about five weeks to work, it is also possible your GP may consider an increase in your medication at a later date although this is not set in stone

Take it easy be patient


I’m hanging in there thanks for the reply ☺️ five weeks seems a life time away and I’m trying so hard to carry on as

Normal but every little thing I do seems to knock the stuffing out of me. I watched a film with my 10 year old little lad this afternoon and instead of

Enjoying the moment, I sat there googling acid reflux and anxiety. How sad am

I 😩


Acid Reflux and Anxiety can be related, you need to relax. Try MINDFULNESS when possible and perform breathing exercises. Look on Amazon for a book on Mindfulness

they cost £7.00


Thank you


Hi Jaynie. I'm not sure how long you've been on the Fluoxetine but you feeling worse could just be your condition itself worsening before the Fluoxetine has had time to start its work. Like others have said, try to ride it out for at least a few weeks before you decide it's not working.

I was on 20mg of Fluoxetine for a long time and it did wonders for my depression, although 12 months ago the depression came back with a vengeance and my dosage was increased to 40mg per day. Again, after a couple of weeks that worked well and my mood has been good for several months now. However, lately anxiety has taken hold of me and I find myself stressing out at the slightest little thing. I've become more or less housebound, only going out for medical and dental appointments, which are few and far between, but I start feeling anxious and overwhelmed at least a fortnight before, knowing it is coming up. I'm not depressed but I can't stand any noise or disruption to my quiet life. If the phone rings, sometimes I just cannot bring myself to answer it, and when my husband comes in I feel like I could explode after a couple of minutes, just because there is somebody else in my space. So last week my GP increased my dose again, to 60mg. I can already feel it working so that is good, although I don't want to be dependent on tablets at this high dosage for long.

Sorry to change the subject back to me. I just wanted to say that for me, Fluoxetine has literally been a life-saver and I hope it works just as well for you.

Lorraine x

Jaynie03 in reply to clovislorry

Hi Lorraine

Thank you so much for the reply. You sound like myself. I was just about to throw them away but will keep on a bit longer. I feel so anxious I can’t explain it but like you I just want quiet and can’t cope with anything out the norm. I just want me back xx

clovislorry in reply to Jaynie03

Just try to take it slowly and easy and "you" will come back given time, I'm sure. I'm glad you have decided not to give up on the Fluoxetine and I hope things get better for you soon.

Lorraine x

Hi there I hear you sister!!

Health anxiety sucks big time I too have had it almost 20 years everything medical triggers me anything health related..for me at the moment is chest pain so my mind is thinking heart attack brewing as my friends wife who was 39 years old just passed of a tragic heart attack so my anxiety is kicking the breath out of me at the minute...if I watch or hear sad news it gets me questioning my health..once I get that checked then I concentrate on another thing health related....fluoxetine as I’ve heard about it is meant to be pretty good just got to give it chance to kickoff Ive not had it personally but my husband had and it took awhile but he seems fine on it now but everyone reacts differently to on venlafaxine and propranolol and they been great for me just take ‘baby steps ‘ your only human I know like most of us on here what health anxiety or any anxiety symptoms go through what you are now but remember it does pass for awhile and then comes back it’s the vicious anxiety cycle hopefully your meds will kick in soon for you

Here if you need a chat


Thanks Nat, I couldn’t cope with the fluoxetine so stopped taking them. Everything you said is basically me, I’m off work today sick which I never do but just haven’t got it in me. I’m normally a confident person but I just wanna stay in my onesie and watch Jeremy Kyle ( not sure if your from the Uk basically Jerry springer). How can it come on so quick I was ok two weeks ago, one symptom and I’m back to where I was 7 years ago 😔. Anyway I’m going back to doctors and see what they think, cause at the minute I feel I have oesophageal cancer cause I’ve got bad indigestion. I need to get on some meds but not sure what xx

Hi everyone

Thought I would give you an update, I’ve come off fluoxetine side effects to much for me. I’m now on citalopram and starting on a lower dosage, I’ve found a sympathetic doctor and she’s taken me under her wing. Signed off work for two weeks (which is a new thing for me) I’m gonna try and heal me. As for symptoms burning chest has stopped, I’ve got the lump in the throat feeling still but I’m trying to carry on and ignore it. Long way to go but feel a slight more positive. Love to you all and hugs xxx

I was told by GP 20 + years ago that this particular medication can take upto 10/12 weeks before you start to feel the benefit.

Stick with it ,

hopefully you start to feel better soon.

Good luck on your road to recovery.

Speaking from experience with this medication. Xx

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