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Nothing’s different. I still wanna die. It’s so funny bc as many times as I try to keep my thoughts positive I always end with the same outcome. Sadness & negativity. I’m sick of it. I’m upset because my best friend is dating my other friend & it’s weird for me, I’m constantly binge eating & it makes me want to starve myself bc I end up feeling bad afterwards, & I’m just wanting death so much. I honestly don’t see the point in me living. I just wanna disappear so I can stop dealing w being sad & listening to everyone’s drama & feeling angry at my mom for her not giving me the space I need sometimes. I spend countless hours alone in my room bc I hate human interaction. My best friend is on my last nerve. I can’t find a happy place. I just want to fade away.

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Hello Minileah1218

Thank you for your message, it sounds as if you feel really bad at the moment and things are very difficult.

You don't say how old you are, perhaps you could let us know?

Have you talked to your doctor or support worker about how you feel? you may also want to consider talking with someone you trust like a friend or family member.

Our members are very supportive, so might be able to offer more help for you.

The topics and pinned posts might offer more information too, there is one with crisis lines listed.

The Samaritans have a helpline that is free 24hrs a day 116123.

MIND at may offer more support.

Do keep in touch and tell us more about your situation

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