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when it rains it pours

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i was diagnosed bipolar II in april and was prescribed limictal i took it for a week and was obviously showing signs of something bad but i am stubborn and kept taking meds until i broke out in rash which turned out to be an allergic reaction. my mom took me to the hospital , i was in syracuse hospital for a week before being diagnosed with lupus. at first i was just sooo grateful to know what was wrong with me, and to start on the path of treatment. anxiety plays a huge part in my day to day life. ive done alot of work on acceptance . i am also in recovery from drugs and alchohal i have a sponsor and attend AA meetings as much as i can. i am 26 year old native american woman. i guess i am just looking for friends who can relate to me and share. i feel alone sometimes or unique and i need to remind myself im not and that everything happens for a reason. my creator loves me so why dont i love myself?

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Hello and welcome to this very caring and supportive community Niaaaxx. We are sorry to hear that you are suffering at present and its been such a trying time for you. You have come such a long way in accepting the diagnosis and we are sure that the caring members of this community will welcome you. However have you heard of the Lupus Foundation of America? In different states of your country they have support systems for sufferers like yourself so please see below at the info we have put there for you.

Health Unlocked also has a section for Lupus sufferers on one of the communities.

Are there any of our members who can relate to this ladies condition and mental health please?

Best wishes and please keep posting as we would love to keep in touch.

Lupus Foundation of America - lupus.org


MAS Nurse.

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