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Hi, I just wanted to post to ask if anyone has had experience with calling the helpline and what kinds of things they ask.

Around this time last week I hit a real deep low point and convinced myself it would be a good idea to call the helpline however my anxiety kicked in really bad and I ended up cutting off the call when it was ringing. This whole experience caused a panic attack that night and had put me off calling in the future. I guess it’s just because it’s going into the unknown, which I know a lot of people don’t like including myself.

I have also tried the email version of Samaritans and this has helped me however I stopped doing that around 2 months ago, I don’t know why.

So yeah, for future references could anyone share their experiences with calling the helpline. This post could help others too.

Thanks in advance xx

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I've called Samaritans quite a few times, I know I did get really anxious at the beginning, but sometimes ringing them would help me when I'm in a really dark place. They don't offer solutions to your problems or give an over the phone therapy session just to let you know. Often when i'd call they'd ask a couple things about me, maybe like my favourite tv show which can be really comforting to get your mind off everything, or other times they just let you talk it out and respond (sometimes not so much). It's worth trying, I know the anxiety can be way too much to deal with but Samaritans has helped me so much I'm really grateful to them.

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Thank you, think I will push myself to use the helpline when I next have a worse day than normal. Sounds like they help to distract, which I guess really helps in times of crisis

I phoned them a few times around the time of my Mum's death and they were great. The one lady I spoke to even offered to ring me back the day to see how I was x

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Thank you for replying, this sounds very comforting. I’m glad they helped you out


I also had this frustration when I emailed, I found myself repeating myself. Although it did help at the time, I might try it again and see how it goes this time. Thanks for your feedback

Hi Hidden i'm not familiar with that particular help line but i have called Crisis Help lines here in Dallas area when i've had panic attacks. it's hit or miss- sometimes i get a very nice person who listens and helps, but sometimes i get a jerk who clearly is not listening, and makes my panic worse. I like this site and think it's helpful but I've noticed that people here seem to better derive their comfort from online, whereas I would rather talk to a person on phone or in person. So it's hard for me to relate to that part of it, why would people find more comfort in online support. But i'm glad you/they do. It's worth trying the call though, it's free anyway- and if you get someone who isn't listening well, just hang up and call again and hopefully get someone else. Or google other help lines. I've called so many help lines thru the years, that it's easier for me to recognize when I'm speaking with someone who really doesn't care and I can terminate that conversation. Other than that, don't worry about it, don't worry what they think of you- bc these are HELP lines, and if it's a helpful person, they will have compassion for you and be glad you called . if it's a non-caring person , which has happened---it doesn't matter what they think of you and they don't deserve your time so just hang up. In situations like this, i believe that's at the root of your worry right ? that you're anxious what someone will think of you? so try not to worry, they probably hear it all; and I hope you are able to get good support

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