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1st post on here

Have become extremely paranoid over a number of months. Have an ongoing battle with a situation that happened to me when I was 14yo. Visions and voices getting worse I think everyone knows what happened to me, even though I know that's not true (I think). Hardly go out unless for appointments. Finding it hard as I have this feeling that no one believes me.Really don't want to carry on this absolutely 💩life

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Hello Kev7

Thank you for your post and welcome to this community.

You seem to be having a really difficult time. Could you tell us more about your situation and what has been happening for you?

It sounds as if you need some medical support especially about things that happened when you were 14. Have you been to talk with your doctor or do you have a support worker? It is important that you explain how you feel, there will be people wanting to help you.

This is a very supportive community, so our members may want to offer you more support and information.

In the topics and pinned posts there will more information for you and there are details of crisis helplines and websites for you.

The Samaritans at freephone 116 123 are there 24hrs a day.

MIND organisation may also offer you more information mind.org

Do keep in touch and tell us more

Best wishes


It’s rough. You’re not alone with these problems and I hope you feel better soon. Hang on in there😊


Thnx for the reply emee, but to be totally honest I don't think I have much more time on this earth,just want to b rid of this awful life.This is totally consuming my whole life. If you can call it a life.


Is it that thing that happened that makes your life unbearable?


Totally taken over my whole life.Used 2 b a really outgoing person, up for a laugh, a lot of friends, then bang like a hermit now


Did your parents know about it? I’m a hermit too!


Yeah they know.I didn't tell them for years.My mum was distraught & dad disowned me. Such is life ae


Sorry, I didn’t realised you had replied. I find going for a walk helps, kind of clears your head


this sounds like a bad association. we make links with the past. really non of your thoughts should have any kind of association on them when you have them. we naturally link bad thoughts onto our daily thinking.

an example, and this is purely an example "I cant get a partner because I'm fat," we call it a negative automatic thought or NAT, people live their live assuming that they cannot exist now, because they have associations that prevent them from feeling this way.

Non of your thoughts should have things linked to them, weather you blame someone for torturing you or just because you feel bad about things that are no longer are an issue.

You cannot have a happy life unless you start to realise that bad associations are not actually your 'here' thoughts but paranoia attaching themselves to your thoughts.

Try from now on to spot the tail on your thoughts and consciously try to make an effort to live today, for your now thoughts, rather than your was or has been thoughts. none of your thought associations are to do with how you actually feel. And how you feel is what is actually happening and not what your brain tells you is happening.

we have attachments to our thoughts, and I guess what I'm trying to tell you is that that is wrong. At least if you start to point them out to yourself you are doing better than getting caught up in them, tell yourself 'you should not be happening, it has nothing to do with what's happening to me right now'.

if your interested in this type of thinking try looking into CBT or cognitive behavioural therapy. its about loosing the parts of you that are not really happening. more or less.


Hey Kev7

I hope you got better up to now somehow, it seems a difficlut situation to you, did you have any friends left right away? Or any close relatives? Try to talk to someone trustful and bring out all you have in your heart, I dont what has happened to you in 14 but you know it well, we are here to support you, I am alone too and feel terrible at the moment writing this for you, show your strength before giving up


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